What are the benefits of having an oil fired water heater?

Benefits of Having an Oil Fired Water Heater In Your Home

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When the winter season comes through, the last thing people want when they come into their home, is for it to feel cold and uncomfortable. The home is meant to be a place that is warm, cozy, and a positive environment. But sometimes the cost of all of these comforts just is too much, and we are forced to pay too much for far too little.

Heat is necessary to sustain life. It feels good to come into a warm house after running errands in below freezing temperatures; there is nothing like the feeling of warm air against your red and frozen cheeks after you've spent the last two hours shoveling your driveway. But electricity and gas can cost a lot of money, and sometimes you just have to keep the temperature in your home down, even after shoveling the freshly fallen blizzard in your driveway.

Thankfully there is an alternative and there are several benefits of having an oil fired water heater in your home. First and foremost, it is affordable, much more than electricity and very competitive with gas. An oil heated system also takes far less time to heat than other fuels, assuring a warm and cozy feeling quickly.
Oil heat is also one of the safest fuels to use in your home; the heating system is non-toxic and non-explosive. Oil fired water heaters are also very efficient, with ever advancing technology that is reliable, making sure your home will be heated on those cold and tired nights.

The next time your family members, friends, or neighbors visit, ensure that they feel comfortable in your home during the cold months by using an oil water heater in your home. The efficiency of these heated systems is clear, and one doesn't have to empty their bank accounts trying to afford one. The systems are safe, protecting you from dangers apart from the cold. The time for shivering in your home is over with the oil heating systems available to those looking for comfort, without an overly expensive cost. And their ability to heat the home quickly, will get you excited after coming home to an empty house after work.

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How do I remove the sediment from my water heater?

Signs your Water Heater Needs a Tune Up

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One of the worst nightmares for homeowners is a water heater that is not working. There can be considerable damage to your home such as subfloor decay, mold or mildew, loss of drywall, permanent stained walls, carpet damage and even fire or toxic fumes from a water heater that is not properly installed or maintained. Even a slow and small leak can cause considerable destruction to your home.

All water heaters should be checked regularly for any leakage. Inspect the valves, pipe connections and underneath the component. As well, test the pressure relief valve once a year to make sure it is functioning properly. Pull or push down on the valve handle. If hot water comes out of the overflow pipe then it is working correctly. Take extra caution because the water is very hot and may burn you.

Sediment also needs to be removed. Depending on the model, it needs to be done every one to three years. Flushing your water heater will not only extend the life of the heater but it will help it run more efficiently. To remove sediment from your water heater either research on how to flush the system or hire a professional to do the job.

There are certain things to look for when your water heater needs a tune up. Leaking is one of the first signs of malfunction. Water dripping from the pressure relief valve is not uncommon. But it is best to call a professional if there is a trail of water on the floor by the water heater. Another indicator is little or no hot water. Your tank has two elements that heat the water. If an element is weak or out of order then it will not heat your water at all. Additionally, rusty colored water is a sign that your tank needs flushed. If sediment is allowed to build it will damage your water heater permanently.

Unfortunately homeowners are not always aware that their water heater is malfunctioning until it is too late. Oftentimes there may be a leak that is not visually noticeable. However, the majority of water heater issues can be avoided with proper maintenance. In addition, finding and repairing the problem as quickly as possible will save you a lot of money, time and irritation.

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What is the difference between a tankless water heater and a conventional water heater?

Tankless Water Heaters over Conventional Water Heaters

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There are many people that are fed up with paying inflated heating costs due to an inefficient conventional tanked water heater. These water heaters consume too much electricity since they have to constantly heat the water up to the desired temperature in the tank. A tank less water heater allows a homeowner to have a seemingly unending amount of hot water. This is because the water is heated on an on-demand basis. No longer does the water heater have to heat up, and store, multiple gallons of water in order for there to be a supply of water when a homeowner calls for it. Instead, tank less water heaters can superheat the flowing water to make it the desired temperature without having to have heating elements running periodically in order to keep the stored water warm. This translates to an energy savings.

Not only are tank less water heaters better for a person's pocketbook, but they also give a person the ability to lower their carbon footprint by using their energy more efficiently. many of the tank less water heaters that are on the market today are so efficient that they may end up giving the person a tax rebate for installing them into their homes. This is an added savings that one can expect from upgrading to a tank less water heater. They are also a considerable amount smaller than a conventional water heater which allows a person to better utilize their living space. No longer do they have to have a big closet dedicated for a water heater. Instead, they can simply dedicate a fraction of the space and have hot water available to them for less money.

Many homeowners think that they can install a tank less water heater on their own, but it is a good idea to have a trained professional install one for them. This is because these trained professionals have the knowledge, and equipment, that it takes to install one of these tank less water heating units in a shorter amount of time than a homeowner could install one, and with fewer problems.

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What exactly is an Electric Water Heater?

Is an Electric Water Heater right for you?

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Water heaters can heat water in many different ways. Many water heaters use natural gas to heat water. Some older type of homes have oil boilers that heat water as well as heat the home. One of the newest types of water heaters use electricity to heat the water. These water heaters come in two major different types.

The first type of water heat uses electric heating elements to heat water in a insulated container. This type of electric water heater can keep water hot in any type of weather, but depending on the demands of the house and the size of the water heater it may not be capable of providing enough water for the house. Another type of electric water heater of this type is known as an instant water heater. It does not have a container for the hot water, but instead provides instant hot water to one location. These can be cheaper to operate, but can not get hot water to more than one location in a house at a time. Electricity can sometimes be more expensive than natural gas to keep hot water depending on the kilowatt per hour rate in your area. Some of the newer electric water heaters have become more energy efficient by learning the hot water habits of the individuals living in the home and not keeping the water quite as hot in period with minimal hot water use.

The second type of hot water heater is a heat pump water heater. This works on the same technology as a heat pump for a house. It is much less costly than a electric water heater to operate. The main draw back to this type of water heater is that in extremely cold climates it has to fall back on standard electric element heating. In mild climates that do not get that cold it is probably the most efficient way to heat a house.

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How can I lower my electric bill?

Benefits of Having a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home

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Are you fed up with after a hard day of doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and giving the dogs a bath, there's no hot water left for you to take a relaxing shower? One benefit of a tankless water heater is that it heats the water as you need it, so there's no hot water storage limit like there is with a traditional water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters: A tankless water system uses a powerful heat exchanger to make water steaming hot when you need it. The heat exchanger transfers heat from one source to another, such as from an electric coil or gas burner, to your water. There are two types of tankless water systems; point of use and whole house. Point of use heats water in one of two outlets, while whole house systems heat outlets throughout the entire house. Tankless water heaters come in electric, natural gas, or propane models.

There are many benefits of having a tankless water heater, for example:

Energy and Cost Savings: Since tankless heaters heat water only when you need it, unlike traditional water heaters that use heat all day long, you will consume less hot water, which can save you up to 20 percent on your energy bill. And, most tankless water heaters come with a $300 dollar federal tax rebate.

Space Saving: Tankless water heaters are significantly smaller than traditional water heaters, which frees up extra space. Tankless water heaters are compact enough to be mounted inside cabinets, in closets, and to just about any interior or exterior wall.

Reliability: A tankless water heater means fresh, hot water when you need it. Tankless heaters lasts up to 10 years longer than traditional water heaters, so you'll have peace of mind knowing you'll have a reliable hot water source for years to come.

Safe, Clean Water: Traditional water tanks, mean water is stored in the tank all day, which can lead to built up rust and scale in your water. With a tankless water heater, you can rest assure that your water is safe and clean.

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Is An Oil Fired Water Heater Right For Me?

What Is An Oil Fired Water Heater?

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A standard oil-fired water heater is an option for a homeowner who want an energy-efficient unit. The investment in an oil-fired water heater will lead to lower utility bills each year and other benefits. One thing to keep in mind is this type of unit costs more upfront, but will have a lower operating cost over the life of the unit. Oil-fired water heaters are direct-fired or indirect-fired.

One of the main benefits of oil-fired water heaters is a high recovery rate. Water heaters that have a high recovery rate can heat a large amount of water quickly. The rate of recovery for water heaters is the amount of water a water heater can heat to 100 degrees in about 60 minutes. Oil-fired water heaters can have a rate of recovery that is up to 120 gallons of water per hour. This means the unit can heat approximately 120 gallons of water in one hours time.

Direct-fired water heaters are one type of unit that can be used in a residential home. This is a type of water heater that heats water using an oil flame. A direct-fired water heater is a common unit that is found in a residential home with a warm air furnace. There is a combustion chamber that is under the water storage tank where the oil is being burned. Residential homes with large families have the biggest benefit from this type of unit as it will never run out of hot water. One thing to keep in mind is a separate burned is needed which can increase energy usage.

Indirect-fired water heaters have a boiler that is used to heat the water. These units can also come in a tankless option that also require a type of boiler. Three types of units are available for use inside a residential home. Buyers can select a unit with an internal tankless coil, an external tankless coil, or a tankless coil with a water storage tank.

The choice of water heater to install in a residential home depends on various factors. This includes the size of the home and total cost. Are you looking to install an oil fired water heater in your South Windsor home? Call us at (860) 896-3342 and schedule a service call today!

Why is my water heater leaking?

5 Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Repairs

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Water heaters can fail when least expected. Imagine your water heater failing right when there is a foot of snow outside, or when you are standing in a nice hot shower on a cold day. Do not let this happen to you at the wrong time! Therefore, it is wise to look for any visible sign. There are 5 signs your water heater is in need of repairs.

The signs are there if one would take notice. The first sign to look for is a leak. A slow leak tends to go unnoticed, which will turn the small drip into a big catastrophe. Frequently, one should look for any leakage. A small drip may be welded, but once it explodes into a big leak it makes it more complicated.

While you are frequently looking for any leak, look for any type of corrosion on the water heater. If corrosion goes untreated, it will damage the entire water heater. Replacing a new water heater may be expensive.

As you're keeping your eyes open looking for signs of water heater problems, look for any unclear, rustic, or dirty water flowing. This usually means a failure of a internal part.

Speaking of internal parts, corrosion, which are called mineral deposits, can be inside the water heater. When this happens unusual noises in the water heater may be a heard throughout the home through the water pipes.

Another sign that the water heater is beginning to fail is the smell of the water. The water can become corroded and will need to be cleaned by a professional. The water heater will need to be attended to and be cleaned out.

These 5 signs your water heater is in need of repairs should be taken seriously. This will save you from being caught in the cold with no hot water. This would really suck in the winter time. Not to mention, that being unprepared is never a good thing.

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How often does a water heater need maintenance?

Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

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Much like many other appliances in your home, water heaters are also subject to deterioration over time. In order to prevent the water heater from breaking, you must perform yearly maintenance routines on your water heater. One of the most common problems that cause water heaters to malfunction is buildup of sediment. In order to remove the sediment buildup, you must fill the water heater with cold water and flush it. Removing sediment from your water heater keeps heat transfer at optimal levels and will prevent overheating. Water heaters do not need to be flushed very often.

Every so often your water heater should be inspected for visual deterioration. If rust begins to accumulate, there may be an issue with the anode rod. The anode rod prevents temperate water from damaging the inside of the tank. Rust appearing may mean that you need to replace the anode rod within the water heater. Much like flushing your water heater, replacing the anode rod is not done very often. It takes a long time for the rod to completely corrode. Replacing the anode rod is the most crucial part to maintaining your water heater as it prevents the tank itself from being destroyed. Often times water heaters corrode past the point of repair due to an owner's neglect to replace an anode rod.

For those who own tank-less water heaters, maintaining them are similar processes when compared to water heaters with a tank. Buildup will also eventually occur in tank-less water heaters. If tank-less water heaters are not flushed, a variety of unwanted buildup will occur in the tank. Regular water cannot be used to flush the lime and scale out of a tank-less water heater. To properly clean this type of water heater, white vinegar must be used. Once again, if tank-less water heaters are not maintained regularly, detrimental effects may begin to occur and it may damage your water heater.

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Which water heater is right for my home?

The Difference Between a Tankless Water Heater and a Tank Water Heater

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The water heater in your home provides your home with hot water for various different reasons. The hot water used in your dishwasher and shower call comes from the same place, your hot water heater. For most of us the water heater in our home is a tank water heater, meaning it stores hot water for later use in our home. There is also the tankless variety, which is exactly that; it does not have a storage tank. I would discuss the differences between the two in further detail.

As I stated most of us have a storage tank water heater in our home, but some of us may have the tankless variety. With a tankless water heater, there is never a shortage of hot water. This is because the water is not stored in a tank and is heated as it is used. However, there is usually a limit on how much water can flow in a given amount of time. This is the exact opposite of a storage tank.

Tankless water heaters are also more energy efficient than their tank counterparts. This is because they do not produce the loss of heat caused by standby energy loss. This is the amount of heat that is lost while the water is sitting in the tank. Although the tanks are insulated, this only keeps so much heat in the tank.

Tankless water heaters also require more maintenance than a tank water heater does. This is especially true for the outdoor models, which require additional freeze-protection systems. Not only does a tankless water heater require more maintenance, it also is much more difficult to install than a tank water heater.

There is also the issue of cost. The cost of a tankless water heater, including the cost to have it installed, is much more than a tank water heater would be. However, over the life of the tankless water heater it is supposed to save you more money by being more energy efficient.

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What To Consider Before Installing a New Water Heater in Your Home

Looking to get a new water heater?

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Most people just use what came with the house and only give their water heater a second thought when it doesn't work. Whether because of inefficiency, ineffectiveness or it's simply inoperable; there are a few points to cover before you replace your water heater.

Before you buy, measure the available space to ensure your new heater will fit. As nice as it would be to upgrade to that new 50-gallon tank, it will do you no good if you can't get it in the well. Measure the height and width of your current heater and the space around it as well as any doorways and stairwells you may have to traverse.

Make sure your buying the right water heater for your home. Check your fuel source, either natural gas or electric. An electric unit generally costs a bit more to operate. Check for the Energy Star tag to ensure you're getting the most efficient heater available.

Compare your new tank with your old one's gallon capacity. A 30 or 40 gallon tank may be sufficient for a small family but consider upgrading if you have more than four in your home. Most modern water heaters are available in 40 and 50-gallon models.

Having a large tank is great but means less if the recovery rate is too slow. This information should be on the yellow energy guide label and will tell you how many gallons it will heat per hour. On average, a shower or bath takes 20 gallons of hot water, a washing machines take 32 gallons, dishwashers take eight, and other misc uses amount to around 4 gallons. Look for the fastest recovery rate that fits your budget. This label also shows the average annual operating cost.

And finally, take advantage of the numerous incentives offered by utility companies for upgrading your water heater to the more efficient, newer models. Many gas and electric companies offer low-interest financing and cash-back options for home owners interested in upgrading. These rebates can sometimes even cover the cost of upgrading.

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