Scale Buster

Fight High Energy Costs from Hard Water Scaling!

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The Scale Buster, a non-chemical, maintenance free, anti-scale inhibiting device that will prevent and descale your hot water and plumbing system. Save your Appliances, Water Heaters, Oil Boiler Coils and especially Tank less water heaters from Hard Water Scaling.

Traditional softer systems are expensive and harmful to the environment. The Scale Buster is a high quality product that was developed and produced in the UK were 60% of the populations water supply is extremely hard. The Scale Buster has a proven track record for eliminating hard water scale build up and corrosion in Industrial, commercial and residential applications around the globe.

Beneficiaries: Restaurants, Laundry Matts, Hotels, Irrigation Systems, Farms, Industrial, food manufacturing and of course residential homes. Any ware hard water scaling is a problem.

Benefits: *Reduction in energy use* Removal of existing hard water scale deposits.* Protects entire plumbing system*Elimination of Chemical and Salt *Scale and corrosion control* Maintenance Free* 10 year Warranty.
Let Water Heater Medic help you save energy today!

Commercial units need to be correctly sized, for more information, give us a call!