What Is An Oil Fired Water Heater?

 South Windsor Hot Water Heater

A standard oil-fired water heater is an option for a homeowner who want an energy-efficient unit. The investment in an oil-fired water heater will lead to lower utility bills each year and other benefits. One thing to keep in mind is this type of unit costs more upfront, but will have a lower operating cost over the life of the unit. Oil-fired water heaters are direct-fired or indirect-fired.

One of the main benefits of oil-fired water heaters is a high recovery rate. Water heaters that have a high recovery rate can heat a large amount of water quickly. The rate of recovery for water heaters is the amount of water a water heater can heat to 100 degrees in about 60 minutes. Oil-fired water heaters can have a rate of recovery that is up to 120 gallons of water per hour. This means the unit can heat approximately 120 gallons of water in one hours time.

Direct-fired water heaters are one type of unit that can be used in a residential home. This is a type of water heater that heats water using an oil flame. A direct-fired water heater is a common unit that is found in a residential home with a warm air furnace. There is a combustion chamber that is under the water storage tank where the oil is being burned. Residential homes with large families have the biggest benefit from this type of unit as it will never run out of hot water. One thing to keep in mind is a separate burned is needed which can increase energy usage.

Indirect-fired water heaters have a boiler that is used to heat the water. These units can also come in a tankless option that also require a type of boiler. Three types of units are available for use inside a residential home. Buyers can select a unit with an internal tankless coil, an external tankless coil, or a tankless coil with a water storage tank.

The choice of water heater to install in a residential home depends on various factors. This includes the size of the home and total cost. Are you looking to install an oil fired water heater in your South Windsor home? Call us at (860) 896-3342 and schedule a service call today!