Vernon Hot Water Problems

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Hot water taking too long to reach your faucet (wasting water)?
» While there can be many issues that cause this issue including a damaged water heater, clogged pipes, and old units, our solution is the Grundfos Comfort System PM.

Running out of hot water?
» The most common answer to this issue is an improperly sized unit. When the water heater for your home is not properly sized it is common for you to quickly run out of hot water; usually when you need it the most! Let our experienced technicians properly size and install your homes water heater.

Water too HOT (scalding)?
» This can be caused by the units thermostat being set to high or an electrical issue causing the thermostat to produce water that is too hot to use. With regular electrical maintenance from the Water Heater Medic you can rest assured knowing your water temperature will never be too high. Remember, 120 degrees is State law!

Hot Water Burn Scalding Graph Water Heater Specialist in Vernon

Sulfur smell?
» When it comes to sulfuric smells coming from your water heater there are three options.

  • Option 1: Your first option is a cleaning. Pumping chemicals into your existing tank to kill any bacteria , then replacing your anode rod with a non-magnesium type.
  • Option 2: You can replace the heater with a new one and start fresh by installing a non-magnesium anode or power anode rod.
  • Option 3: This is your best solution! Our expert staff can install a new tank that does not require an anode for tank protection; such as the stainless steel water heater! We offer installation services with a lifetime warranty that will eliminate this problem for good.

Fluctuating temperatures?
» Some of the common problems that can cause hot water fluctuations are:

  • A faulty thermostat giving poor temperature readings.
  • The sacrificial anode in the water heater.
  • A broken cold water dip tube.
  • Or a faulty pressure relief valve.

Call us today to remedy these issues quickly and professionally!

Low hot water pressure?
» Low hot water pressure is mainly caused from a clog in the system. These clogs are the result of sediment build-up and calcium deposits that form over time. Let our expert technicians provide your water heater with regular cleaning to ensure your system water pressure is never below average.

We have answers to all these problems. Just give us a call us for your free consultation.

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