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The Difference Between a Tankless Water Heater and a Tank Water Heater

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The water heater in your home provides your home with hot water for various different reasons. The hot water used in your dishwasher and shower call comes from the same place, your hot water heater. For most of us the water heater in our home is a tank water heater, meaning it stores hot water for later use in our home. There is also the tankless variety, which is exactly that; it does not have a storage tank. I would discuss the differences between the two in further detail.

As I stated most of us have a storage tank water heater in our home, but some of us may have the tankless variety. With a tankless water heater, there is never a shortage of hot water. This is because the water is not stored in a tank and is heated as it is used. However, there is usually a limit on how much water can flow in a given amount of time. This is the exact opposite of a storage tank.

Tankless water heaters are also more energy efficient than their tank counterparts. This is because they do not produce the loss of heat caused by standby energy loss. This is the amount of heat that is lost while the water is sitting in the tank. Although the tanks are insulated, this only keeps so much heat in the tank.

Tankless water heaters also require more maintenance than a tank water heater does. This is especially true for the outdoor models, which require additional freeze-protection systems. Not only does a tankless water heater require more maintenance, it also is much more difficult to install than a tank water heater.

There is also the issue of cost. The cost of a tankless water heater, including the cost to have it installed, is much more than a tank water heater would be. However, over the life of the tankless water heater it is supposed to save you more money by being more energy efficient.

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