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Water Heater Services in Windsor

Windsor Plumber or Water Heater Specialist – Which Would You Choose?

An efficient water heater plays a big role in the overall comfort level of your family. Just like a high quality furnace or AC, a good water heater helps keep you comfortable in a place that most people associate with comfort. Cold showers and running out of hot water for laundry or doing dishes is incredibly frustrating, and having access to a quality water heating specialist is a key element of keeping your household comfort level intact.

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Diagnosing Water Heater Issues

It’s easy to observe the signs your water heater is giving you, then hop online and make the diagnosis yourself. Some homeowners will take it even further and try to make the required repairs. This is usually a bad idea, since there are many different problems that can pop up with your water heater. DIY repairs often end in having to call to have them corrected, and even costlier repairs than if you’d called a pro in the first place.

Water Heater Emergency Guidelines    

There’s no need to panic if you’re having a water heater emergency in your home. Fast action is how you will minimize the damage and keep your anxiety level low. If possible, shut off the water supply to your water heater, or the house. Next, call your local water heating specialist to take control and keep any mold and water damage limited.

Convert or Upgrade?

If you’re faced with the choice of switching to a newer version of your current water heating system or converting your system to something new, there are several options for each one. You can convert your current water heater from oil or electric to gas, or upgrade to a tankless system to avoid ever running out. Talk it over with your service provider and you’ll find the answer that makes the most sense.

Windsor Water Heater Services

  •         Tankless Water Heaters
  •         Oil-Fired Water Heaters
  •         Indirect Water Heaters
  •         Water Heater Installations
  •         Emergency Water Leaks
  •         Water Heater Repairs
  •         Electric Water Heaters
  •         Hot Water Problems
  •         Gas Water Heaters
  •         Flooding Prevention
  •         Water Heater Repairs

Keeping your water heater in good working order is crucial if you want to keep your family happy. Call Water Heater Medic today at (860) 896-3342 in Windsor, CT so we can figure out the problem and get working on a solution.