Why us and not them!

Why Choose Water Heater Medic
Water Heater Medic Plumber Box Stores
* Certified Technicians X ?
* Handle all warranty issues X ?
* Financing Available X ? X
* Charitable Donations X ? ?

*   Certified Technicians: WHM technicians are certified to service all major water heater brands, including electric,
natural gas, propane, indirect and tankless water heaters.
*   Warranty issues: WHM handles all warranty issues from date of installation. Plumbers may attempt to make a repair
but would more than likely refer you to the manufacture certified representative, (Such as WHM). The Box Stores will always
refer you to the manufacturer for any warranty work. (You’re On Your Own)
*   Financing is quick and easy with WHM.
*   A $10.00 charitable donation is made from every water heater installation or replacement (Hartford Children’s Hospital / Humane Society / Wounded Worrier Project).

It’s a Clear Choice!