How can I properly take care of the water heater in my home?

Tips on Properly Maintaing The Water Heater in Your Home

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Your water heater is one of the easiest appliances in your home to ensure it stays in tip top shape, did we mention it's also really simple? There are things that need to be done for the water heater just as any other appliance in order to keep it in tip top shape. These things are far less expensive and can go a long way to expand the life of your water heater.

Insulation is probably this biggest part of your water heater instillation, however this should not have to replaced unless it gets damaged in some way. Ensuring you have insulation will reduce the amount of time the water heater has to heat and also preserve the heat that is there. This ensures the heat stays in the tank as long as possible and the tank works the least amount as possible. Sediment is another part of instillation and that should not need to be replaced for the life of the water heater. While both of these are very important there is normally no reason to replace for the entire life of the water heater. Those are the best tips of the water heater, once completed at instillation no need to repeat! This is a favorite for every home owner!

The best tip to keep your water heater in the best shape is the drain it two times a year. This will flush out all of the rust and any other impurities that have found a new home inside your water heater. Most times we have no way of knowing this is happening until we drain our tank. Also while you have the water heater drained you should check the anode rod to ensure it is still in pretty good shape! If not feel free to replace it! Without this rod the water corrodes the tank much faster than intended.

In all actuality your water heater is one of the easiest appliances to keep in tip top shape, there is not a lot that needs to be done once the instillation has been completed successfully you are good to go.

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How do I know when my water heater needs maintenance?

3 Signs your water heater needs maintenance


Water HeaterOne of the most essential appliances in any household is the hot water heater. You will appreciate how important it is to everyday life when you can’t have a bath, shower or wash clothes and dishes. We usually take it for granted and neglect it until it breaks down on us leading to expensive repairs and often flooding. You can avoid a lot of hassle by looking for these three signs and taking corrective maintenance steps before the problem escalates.

No Hot Water-This is the most obvious sign there is a problem with your water heater. First thing to check is if the pilot light is lit if it’s a gas powered heater. Follow the instructions for relighting and if you smell gas evacuate the house and call your gas company. If it’s an electrical heater it’s likely to be a fault with one of the heating elements and you will need to call a qualified plumber to repair this.

Brown Water-If you are getting brown or discolored water when you run the hot faucet this is a strong indication that your water heater needs maintenance. The thing that is causing this discoloration is sediment that has gathered up at the bottom of your water tank. This will have to be cleaned out but to avoid causing injury to yourself or further damage to the tank it’s important that you enlist the help of a qualified professional plumber.

Leaking Tank-Worst case scenario is when the water tank starts leaking. It’s a good idea to always do a regular check to make sure there are no leaks as what begins small can easily lead to flooding and damage to your property. Check to make sure there are no signs of corrosion whenever you do a routine spot-check. When you do discover a leak it’s important to turn off the water supply and drain the tank and then contact a plumber who can provide you with professional repairs to your tank.

To sum up, a few simple water heater maintenance checks can help prevent expensive repair bills further down the road.

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How can I tell if my water heater needs a tune up?

3 Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of a Tune Up

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Maintaining the water heater unit in a home is a valuable consideration for most people to keep in mind. They should work with a plumber whenever they notice that their water heater unit is showing signs of struggle. This could prove to be an invaluable asset for owners interested in learning more information soon. Most people will want to review their options for how they can secure support for projects in their area. They should work with a service tech to learn more about the different types of repairs that may be necessary to fix these issues.

First, every owner needs to make sure that they are looking for the any physical sign of damage or wear for their water heater unit. This could be an invaluable asset to maintaining these water heaters for a longer amount of time. Most people will want to check out how they can link up with the best overall unit to suit their needs going forward. If owners look for any breakage or notice that a leak has occurred, they should contact their plumbing team soon.

Many owners will also just want to make sure that they are simply staying updated on the different aspects of owning the water heater. They should try to monitor the general age of these water heater units sometime soon. When they contact their service team, this may actually be one of the first questions that they tend to ask. They may be interested in learning more information about the services that they can put in to place. The plumbing team will likely want to conduct their own test, but this will provide a valuable step for them.

Finally, most owners will also want to monitor the overall cost of their water bill each month. If they notice that the bill itself has increased unexpectedly, this could prove to be a challenge for them going forward. This is part of the reason why most people will actually want to secure support from a service team in their area soon. They will be well suited to helping owners identify any major issue that may be emerging.

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How often should I have my water heater inspected?

The importance of keeping up with you water heater

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Water heaters are a much needed appliance in today's society. These are used in the home, office or industry. In the home, there are some kind of uses just like cooking, bathing, cleaning and space heating and industry. There are many usages such as getting hot water and the steam for many other industrial uses.

It is important to maintain the water heater, by scheduling maintenance at a specific time periods. First of all, one of the key factors is the location of the water heater. It should be installed in the right location and set at the right temperature. However, there are some additional steps to be taken to prevent the leakage and any other damages to the heater.

It is mandatory to keep a regular maintenance schedule. This can possibly be every two months, once in every six year and once in every year. The first check should center around observing the plumbing joints for excessive or unusual corrosion. This check applies to only gas powered heaters. All the gas supply parts as well as the water heater should be checked for any flammable material surrounding these parts. The water supply should be checked by turning on a nearby hot water tap and listening for any unusual sounds. If this is running smoothly and the heater is at the right temperature, it is properly managed. It is imperative to drain the heater completely after every two months, to remove any sediments that has accumulated within. Additionally, one should consider replacing the anode rod habitually, after two to three years. A good way of identifying an anode rod in need of replacement, is by looking for large chunks of material coating missing from the main surface indicates.

In some cases, the problem with a water heater may be minor. The solution may come from just turning the water heater on and off. In other cases, one will need the services of a reputable company to ensure that your water heater is not damaged. Our company prides itself in being able to conduct high-quality work and repair on your water heater. We offer reasonable rates and take great pride in providing you with the best service. Consider choosing us for all your plumbing needs.

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How can I tell if my water heater needs maintenance?

Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Maintenance

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When properly installed a new hot water heater should last, on average, ten to fifteen years before needing to be replaced. Mineral build up and wear and tear on internal parts can cause a hot water heater to decline in efficiency. This can make both your heating and water costs go up. Proper and timely maintenance will not only extend the life of your hot water heater, it can save you money on your monthly heating and water bills.

There are, of course, some very obvious signs that your hot water heater is not working properly. Lack of hot water being the most obvious. If you find you have no hot water whatsoever it is best to check that the pilot light has not gone out. It is also possible that a circuit breaker has been tripped and merely needs to be reset. Ruling out small problems like this can save you a lot of time, frustration and money. If you find that neither of these scenarios solve the problem, it may be time to call a repair person.

Another sign that there may be an issue with your hot water heater is rust in the water coming out of the hot water faucet. This could indicate a larger problem that would need to be addressed by a qualified technician. Sediment and mud in the water coming out of your faucet could also signal larger problems. A qualified plumber would be able to drain you hot water heater to examine the water and determine whether the unit is failing. Yet another hazard signal to be aware of is the smell and taste of your water. In homes with wells there can often be a slight mineral taste to the water, there should however, not be a metallic taste or smell to water you are using to bathe and drink.

There are also the obvious signs that there is a problem. If your hot water heater is making new sounds or you find water leaking or pooling, it would probably be wise to call a professional.

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How often does a water heater need a tune up?

Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

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Most people never give a thought to hot water heater maintenance. However, having regular maintenance performed on your hot water heater will ensure that it continues to operate at its highest efficiency. You can reduce costly repairs and extend its life with regularly scheduled check ups. Technicians will check the tanks temperature setting. Most experts prefer to set your tank to heat water between 115 to 120 degrees. At this recommended temperature, your heater will use less energy and eliminate the danger of scalding.

The worst enemy of your hot water tank is sediment. Over time, minerals in your water will build up in your tank causing corrosion. Tanks are equipped with an anode rod specifically for preventing rust. The rods are made of steel and usually coated with magnesium or aluminum. During a maintenance check, your plumber will change the rod when the coating thins and the steel wire begins to show. The composition of your water will determine how often the rods need checked.

When water flows into your hot water tank, sediment, dirt and minerals tend to settle at the bottom. Using high water pressure your plumber can flush a lot of the sediment out of your tank. If you allow sediment to build up, your heater will have to work harder causing it to use more energy. Left unchecked the sediment mixture will cause your tank to rust. If rust eats through your tank and causes leaks, your only option is to replace it. Periodically cleaning out all the sediment in your tank keeps the build up to a minimum.

The law requires that all hot water tanks be equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve. The relief valve is a vital safety device on your tank designed to prevent an explosion. If your tank overheats or malfunctions, the relief valve opens eliminating excess pressure. All professionals will replace a faulty or leaking temperature and pressure valve immediately upon detection. On a gas water heater, cleaning the heating element yearly will extends its life. A well-maintained water heater is safe, effective and long lasting.

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How do I remove the sediment from my water heater?

Signs your Water Heater Needs a Tune Up

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One of the worst nightmares for homeowners is a water heater that is not working. There can be considerable damage to your home such as subfloor decay, mold or mildew, loss of drywall, permanent stained walls, carpet damage and even fire or toxic fumes from a water heater that is not properly installed or maintained. Even a slow and small leak can cause considerable destruction to your home.

All water heaters should be checked regularly for any leakage. Inspect the valves, pipe connections and underneath the component. As well, test the pressure relief valve once a year to make sure it is functioning properly. Pull or push down on the valve handle. If hot water comes out of the overflow pipe then it is working correctly. Take extra caution because the water is very hot and may burn you.

Sediment also needs to be removed. Depending on the model, it needs to be done every one to three years. Flushing your water heater will not only extend the life of the heater but it will help it run more efficiently. To remove sediment from your water heater either research on how to flush the system or hire a professional to do the job.

There are certain things to look for when your water heater needs a tune up. Leaking is one of the first signs of malfunction. Water dripping from the pressure relief valve is not uncommon. But it is best to call a professional if there is a trail of water on the floor by the water heater. Another indicator is little or no hot water. Your tank has two elements that heat the water. If an element is weak or out of order then it will not heat your water at all. Additionally, rusty colored water is a sign that your tank needs flushed. If sediment is allowed to build it will damage your water heater permanently.

Unfortunately homeowners are not always aware that their water heater is malfunctioning until it is too late. Oftentimes there may be a leak that is not visually noticeable. However, the majority of water heater issues can be avoided with proper maintenance. In addition, finding and repairing the problem as quickly as possible will save you a lot of money, time and irritation.

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Why is the water in my house not heating up?

5 signs your water heater needs maintenance

South Windsor Water Heater Your hot water heater is one of the most used but most forgotten about appliances in your house. These are five signs your water heater is going to need maintenance soon.

First thing most people notice since most hot water heaters are usually in basements so it's kinda difficult to listen all the time, is no hot water. This malfunction could be a few different things like maybe you're pilot light went out or your circuit breaker has tripped, or it could also mean that your tank has failed.

Check around your tank for any signs of leaks where there never was before if you find water outside of your take you need to shut off the gas or electric to it for safety. Then contact your local plumber to come and take look and see what the problem is.

Now you need to look at the hot water coming out of your faucet, if you are clear with no smell you are good but when you start seeing the brownish red water with a metallic smell that's a sign you need to get someone over ASAP to check out your tank. Its running low and we need to know why.

You start to notice that your getting a clunking sound out of your hot water tank, well that is not a good sign. so you need to get a hold of the right person for the job.

So in short pay attention to the things that might seem small to start, but they progressively get worse, before its to late and you have to make a costly repair. Get a hold of us to let us asses any repairs you might need. The winter months are here, now is a really bad time to have you're hot water heater go out on you.

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Why is my water heater leaking?

5 Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Repairs

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Water heaters can fail when least expected. Imagine your water heater failing right when there is a foot of snow outside, or when you are standing in a nice hot shower on a cold day. Do not let this happen to you at the wrong time! Therefore, it is wise to look for any visible sign. There are 5 signs your water heater is in need of repairs.

The signs are there if one would take notice. The first sign to look for is a leak. A slow leak tends to go unnoticed, which will turn the small drip into a big catastrophe. Frequently, one should look for any leakage. A small drip may be welded, but once it explodes into a big leak it makes it more complicated.

While you are frequently looking for any leak, look for any type of corrosion on the water heater. If corrosion goes untreated, it will damage the entire water heater. Replacing a new water heater may be expensive.

As you're keeping your eyes open looking for signs of water heater problems, look for any unclear, rustic, or dirty water flowing. This usually means a failure of a internal part.

Speaking of internal parts, corrosion, which are called mineral deposits, can be inside the water heater. When this happens unusual noises in the water heater may be a heard throughout the home through the water pipes.

Another sign that the water heater is beginning to fail is the smell of the water. The water can become corroded and will need to be cleaned by a professional. The water heater will need to be attended to and be cleaned out.

These 5 signs your water heater is in need of repairs should be taken seriously. This will save you from being caught in the cold with no hot water. This would really suck in the winter time. Not to mention, that being unprepared is never a good thing.

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How often does a water heater need maintenance?

Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

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Much like many other appliances in your home, water heaters are also subject to deterioration over time. In order to prevent the water heater from breaking, you must perform yearly maintenance routines on your water heater. One of the most common problems that cause water heaters to malfunction is buildup of sediment. In order to remove the sediment buildup, you must fill the water heater with cold water and flush it. Removing sediment from your water heater keeps heat transfer at optimal levels and will prevent overheating. Water heaters do not need to be flushed very often.

Every so often your water heater should be inspected for visual deterioration. If rust begins to accumulate, there may be an issue with the anode rod. The anode rod prevents temperate water from damaging the inside of the tank. Rust appearing may mean that you need to replace the anode rod within the water heater. Much like flushing your water heater, replacing the anode rod is not done very often. It takes a long time for the rod to completely corrode. Replacing the anode rod is the most crucial part to maintaining your water heater as it prevents the tank itself from being destroyed. Often times water heaters corrode past the point of repair due to an owner's neglect to replace an anode rod.

For those who own tank-less water heaters, maintaining them are similar processes when compared to water heaters with a tank. Buildup will also eventually occur in tank-less water heaters. If tank-less water heaters are not flushed, a variety of unwanted buildup will occur in the tank. Regular water cannot be used to flush the lime and scale out of a tank-less water heater. To properly clean this type of water heater, white vinegar must be used. Once again, if tank-less water heaters are not maintained regularly, detrimental effects may begin to occur and it may damage your water heater.

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