Looking to get a new water heater?

South Windsor Water Heater

Most people just use what came with the house and only give their water heater a second thought when it doesn't work. Whether because of inefficiency, ineffectiveness or it's simply inoperable; there are a few points to cover before you replace your water heater.

Before you buy, measure the available space to ensure your new heater will fit. As nice as it would be to upgrade to that new 50-gallon tank, it will do you no good if you can't get it in the well. Measure the height and width of your current heater and the space around it as well as any doorways and stairwells you may have to traverse.

Make sure your buying the right water heater for your home. Check your fuel source, either natural gas or electric. An electric unit generally costs a bit more to operate. Check for the Energy Star tag to ensure you're getting the most efficient heater available.

Compare your new tank with your old one's gallon capacity. A 30 or 40 gallon tank may be sufficient for a small family but consider upgrading if you have more than four in your home. Most modern water heaters are available in 40 and 50-gallon models.

Having a large tank is great but means less if the recovery rate is too slow. This information should be on the yellow energy guide label and will tell you how many gallons it will heat per hour. On average, a shower or bath takes 20 gallons of hot water, a washing machines take 32 gallons, dishwashers take eight, and other misc uses amount to around 4 gallons. Look for the fastest recovery rate that fits your budget. This label also shows the average annual operating cost.

And finally, take advantage of the numerous incentives offered by utility companies for upgrading your water heater to the more efficient, newer models. Many gas and electric companies offer low-interest financing and cash-back options for home owners interested in upgrading. These rebates can sometimes even cover the cost of upgrading.

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