Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

South Windsor Water Heater Repair

Much like many other appliances in your home, water heaters are also subject to deterioration over time. In order to prevent the water heater from breaking, you must perform yearly maintenance routines on your water heater. One of the most common problems that cause water heaters to malfunction is buildup of sediment. In order to remove the sediment buildup, you must fill the water heater with cold water and flush it. Removing sediment from your water heater keeps heat transfer at optimal levels and will prevent overheating. Water heaters do not need to be flushed very often.

Every so often your water heater should be inspected for visual deterioration. If rust begins to accumulate, there may be an issue with the anode rod. The anode rod prevents temperate water from damaging the inside of the tank. Rust appearing may mean that you need to replace the anode rod within the water heater. Much like flushing your water heater, replacing the anode rod is not done very often. It takes a long time for the rod to completely corrode. Replacing the anode rod is the most crucial part to maintaining your water heater as it prevents the tank itself from being destroyed. Often times water heaters corrode past the point of repair due to an owner's neglect to replace an anode rod.

For those who own tank-less water heaters, maintaining them are similar processes when compared to water heaters with a tank. Buildup will also eventually occur in tank-less water heaters. If tank-less water heaters are not flushed, a variety of unwanted buildup will occur in the tank. Regular water cannot be used to flush the lime and scale out of a tank-less water heater. To properly clean this type of water heater, white vinegar must be used. Once again, if tank-less water heaters are not maintained regularly, detrimental effects may begin to occur and it may damage your water heater.

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