Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

South Windsor Water Heater

Most people never give a thought to hot water heater maintenance. However, having regular maintenance performed on your hot water heater will ensure that it continues to operate at its highest efficiency. You can reduce costly repairs and extend its life with regularly scheduled check ups. Technicians will check the tanks temperature setting. Most experts prefer to set your tank to heat water between 115 to 120 degrees. At this recommended temperature, your heater will use less energy and eliminate the danger of scalding.

The worst enemy of your hot water tank is sediment. Over time, minerals in your water will build up in your tank causing corrosion. Tanks are equipped with an anode rod specifically for preventing rust. The rods are made of steel and usually coated with magnesium or aluminum. During a maintenance check, your plumber will change the rod when the coating thins and the steel wire begins to show. The composition of your water will determine how often the rods need checked.

When water flows into your hot water tank, sediment, dirt and minerals tend to settle at the bottom. Using high water pressure your plumber can flush a lot of the sediment out of your tank. If you allow sediment to build up, your heater will have to work harder causing it to use more energy. Left unchecked the sediment mixture will cause your tank to rust. If rust eats through your tank and causes leaks, your only option is to replace it. Periodically cleaning out all the sediment in your tank keeps the build up to a minimum.

The law requires that all hot water tanks be equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve. The relief valve is a vital safety device on your tank designed to prevent an explosion. If your tank overheats or malfunctions, the relief valve opens eliminating excess pressure. All professionals will replace a faulty or leaking temperature and pressure valve immediately upon detection. On a gas water heater, cleaning the heating element yearly will extends its life. A well-maintained water heater is safe, effective and long lasting.

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