How do I know when my water heater needs maintenance?

3 Signs your water heater needs maintenance


Water HeaterOne of the most essential appliances in any household is the hot water heater. You will appreciate how important it is to everyday life when you can’t have a bath, shower or wash clothes and dishes. We usually take it for granted and neglect it until it breaks down on us leading to expensive repairs and often flooding. You can avoid a lot of hassle by looking for these three signs and taking corrective maintenance steps before the problem escalates.

No Hot Water-This is the most obvious sign there is a problem with your water heater. First thing to check is if the pilot light is lit if it’s a gas powered heater. Follow the instructions for relighting and if you smell gas evacuate the house and call your gas company. If it’s an electrical heater it’s likely to be a fault with one of the heating elements and you will need to call a qualified plumber to repair this.

Brown Water-If you are getting brown or discolored water when you run the hot faucet this is a strong indication that your water heater needs maintenance. The thing that is causing this discoloration is sediment that has gathered up at the bottom of your water tank. This will have to be cleaned out but to avoid causing injury to yourself or further damage to the tank it’s important that you enlist the help of a qualified professional plumber.

Leaking Tank-Worst case scenario is when the water tank starts leaking. It’s a good idea to always do a regular check to make sure there are no leaks as what begins small can easily lead to flooding and damage to your property. Check to make sure there are no signs of corrosion whenever you do a routine spot-check. When you do discover a leak it’s important to turn off the water supply and drain the tank and then contact a plumber who can provide you with professional repairs to your tank.

To sum up, a few simple water heater maintenance checks can help prevent expensive repair bills further down the road.

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Things To Know About Indirect Water Heaters

What Is An Indirect Water Heater?

What Is An Indirect Water Heater?

An indirect water heater warms water by way of utilizing a home's pre-existing heating system. When a person uses the services of an indirect water heater, they'll benefit from very fast water heating times, as well as the benefit of no need for a separate water heater. Typically, an indirect water heater is both the hot air supply to the home, as well as the way to generate hot water.

Indirect water heaters work by bringing water in through a cold water inlet, heating it within the heat exchanger unit, and then routes it out through the hot water inlet. The heat exchanger heats water the instant it is routed through the cold water inlet and comes in contact with the heated water jacket of the unit.

Since the water is heated using this method, there is no waiting time for the water to become hot first. While not a tankless water heater, an indirect water heater works in essentially the same fashion as a tankless water heater. While there is still the need for a storage tank to hold the hot water, this storage tank is designed to be embedded within the indirect water heater tank normally.

There are many different benefits for someone using an indirect water heater system; not only are they able to marvel at hot water on-demand, there are also many economic advantages for using an indirect water heater. Since there is no need for a water heater appliance, there are no energy costs in operating one.

Furthermore, with the storage tank that an indirect water unit has, there is less need of the furnace being switched on to warm the water and then turned off. Lastly, there are many ways that someone can fuel an indirect water unit which makes them even more convenient.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Is your water heater up to speed?

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

There are a few signs that can show problems with your water heater. But you don't need to run out and replace it right away, it could just need some maintenance. Knowing the warning signs that something needs to be checked on your water heater could save you a lot of money in the long run. Most problems with water heaters are minor, and don't require a lot of time, money, or effort to remedy.

The first thing you might notice is cloudy or rusty water coming out of your faucet. If this only happens when the hot water is on, this means that there is some sediment built up in the bottom of your tank. This happens after years of use, and shouldn't happen with a new water heater. But don't be alarmed, it can easily be cleaned out.

Secondly, you may notice an increase in the amount of time it takes your water to heat up. If it has always taken a while, this might be harder to pinpoint. If not, you probably have one or both elements that need replacing.

Last, if you notice that the water isn't getting as hot as it used to, the top element of your water tank may need to be replaced. If only the bottom element is working, you will get lukewarm water instead of hot. If the bottom element is the one that needs to be replaced, the water will get hot quickly but won't last.

Routine maintenance is important to keep your hot water heater running properly. Small problems can turn into big disasters if they aren't taken care of in a timely manner. If you suspect any of these problems with your water heater, don't delay. Get it taken care of immediately and enjoy knowing that all is well.

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