What Is A Gas Water Heater?

Benefits of gas water heaters

South Windsor Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are good for the environment, and they help the home owner save money. This type of water heater is 80 percent more efficient, and the recovery rate is 82 percent. The saving are possible due to the lack of water. There is no tank, so there is no water that needs to be warmed or reheated. Different brands will produce different results, so research before you buy. All brands; however, will reduce your carbon footprint. The unit does not waste energy. The device only gives hot water when it is needed.

Water provided by a gas water heater is cleaner than water from regular water heaters. Over the years, mineral deposits build up in a regular heater, and the unit will get rusty. The water in the rusty unit is a big issue because the water is used for bathing and cooking. Older homes with worn out pipes could also contain lead.

Tankless water heaters are better because the water heats as it flows through the pipes. Short hot showers followed by a burst of cold water is not possible. This happens when a regular water heater does not have time to heat the water. Tankless water heaters always provide fresh, clean, hot water to home.

Tank less gas heaters can be installed in various areas of the home. Regular hot water heaters must go in a closet. The gas unit is compact, light, and blends with the home design. The unit can also be installed on the wall, and there are no walking risks because the device is slim.

Gas water heaters last longer than regular water heaters. A typical water heater gives the home owner at least 12 years of use. A gas heater gets 20 years of use. The unit lasts longer because there is no tank and no scale build up. The units need less maintenance than standard units. Buying a tank less unit helps the environment. Landfills are filled will old water heater units. Home owners that use tank less units help the environment because their units do not go to landfills until 20 years later.

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Things to Consider Before Installing A New Water Heater In Your Home

Things to Consider Before Installing A New Water Heater In Your Home

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When choosing a water heater for your house, choose a system that will not only provide you with sufficient hot water but will also do so in an efficient way, saving you money and time in the long run. Therefore, you should take your time to consider different types of water heaters available and choose one with appropriate size depending upon the fuel source for your home.

Let’s take a closer look at different types of water heaters:

  • Conventional tank type storage water heaters.
  • Tankless water heaters that supply hot water directly without using any storage tank.
  • Heat pump water heaters that move heat from one place to another. They do not generate heat directly for providing the hot water.
  • Solar water heaters that use the sun’s heat for providing the hot water.

Selection criteria: When selecting a water heater for your house, consider the following:

  • Fuel type, its availability and cost, the energy source you will use for heating water will not only affect its energy efficiency and size, but also its annual operating cost.
  • Energy efficiency, in order to maximize cost and energy savings, you should check how energy efficient the hot water heater is before you buy it. You can research online for your options and choose the best one according to your needs.
  • Size, to provide sufficient hot water and to increase efficiency, you should buy a properly sized hot water heater.
  • Costs, before you buy a hot water heater, you should also estimate its annual operating cost and also compare it with other more/ less energy-efficient models.

You should also research on all options to reduce your hot water usage. You should explore strategies such as drain-water heat recovery, as it can save good money on your annual water heating bills.

When selecting your hot water heater, it is important to consider the energy source you will use, including its ready availability and cost. The cost of fuel used by the water heater will not only affect its energy efficiency and size, but also its annual operating cost.

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Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater with Regular Maintenance

South Windsor Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are a vital part of any home. It's almost impossible to imagine life without one. Water heaters are also very expensive to replace. Regular maintenance for your water heater can extend the life of a water heater saving you money.

First off make sure that your water heater is set to the proper temperature. Most manufactures, for safety reasons, suggest that a water heater be set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially important in homes with small children to reduce the risk of scalding. Setting your water heater to 120 degrees will also save money on your energy bill. You can drop your energy bill even further by insulating your water heater. Most hardware stores will carry water heater jackets (do not use a blanket from your linen closet).

Changing the anode rod in a water heater is a little more labor intensive, but should be done on a yearly basis. If an anode rod is neglected then the water heater tank itself could start to corrode. A professional can change an anode rod if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Flushing the tank on a yearly basis prevents sediment build up and can significantly increase the lifespan of your water heater. This is also labor intensive, but should also be done on a yearly basis.

Finally, it's important to regularly check the TPR (or temperature-pressure-release) valve on the top or side of your tank. This valve is a safety mechanism that will release excessive pressure in a tank. When inspecting the valve look for any signs of rust or damage. You can also test the functionality of the valve if you suspect it might not be functioning properly (proceed with caution to avoid being burned).

By just taking a few simple steps it's easy to elongate the life of your water heater. Remember, even if you need to hire a professional to do these on a yearly basis it's still cheaper than buying a new water heater.

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What Is An Oil Fired Water Heater?

Oil Fired Water Tank Variations

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Oil fired hot water heaters give you a cheaper alternative to a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. Though having one installed in your home is a bit pricier than an electric or gas type water heater, the savings you reap over the life of your unit is incomparable. Oil fired heaters recovery rates are one of its best features next to savings. Oil heaters can recover up to 120 gallons of water per hour depending on the model. When compared to traditional water heaters that may average out at about forty gallons per hour, again there is no competition. Your family size will dictate your needed recovery rate. Contact a dealer to help you assess which model will work best for your home.

Oil fired water heaters also come in two firing options: direct and indirect. In a direct type the water is heated directly by a flame under the tank. Indirect units run water from the boiler through heated coils in the tank which in turn heats the water as it passes. Indirect heaters also give you the option of choosing a tankless model. Tankless models come in three varieties: Internal, external, or storage.

An internal tankless heater uses the indirect coil method to heat water with a coil located within the boiler jacket. This type of heater does not have a storage tank. Thus, it needs to keep the boiler water at a very high temperature in order to supply hot water.

An External coil is indirectly fired as well. It however has a separate tank that holds the coil. This component simply attaches to the side of your boiler. Newer types have plates that will interchange between boiler water and the heated household water.

Storage tankless units are the third type of indirect units available. It was launched into the market in order to enhance water heating capability. After flowing through the heated coils, the hot water is run to a storage tank. The heat in the separate tank is then maintained by a recirculating tube that allows the water to go back to the coil for a reheat.

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Why You Should Consider A Tankless Water Heater For Your Home

Need a new water heater?

Need a new water heater?

Water heaters are a virtual necessity in most homes, few are willing to sacrifice this comfort. Many people don’t realize, though, that water heaters are the second largest energy consumers in their homes. A water heater typically consumes as much as 20% of your homes energy budget. This places the water heater second behind your heating and air system. Whether you are considering replacing an old water heater, or just looking for ways to lower your energy consumption, replacing an old tank water heater with a tankless water heater can be the answer.

There are many benefits to a tankless water heater. One of the least considered benefits is space. Most people could benefit from reclaiming a little space in their overcrowded homes. The use of a tankless water heater could provide that extra closet you wish you had. A tankless water heater is usually mounted to the wall, in line with plumbing. Dependent on your water heater’s current location, this could be the answer to more space. Best of all, there is no chance of flood from a ruptured tank.

Tankless water heaters require a fraction of the maintenance of traditional tank water heaters and they have a longer life. The standard tankless water heater will last five to ten years longer than its tank cousin. Less frequent replacement means lower costs even when the unit is more expensive. Additionally, some tankless water heaters are controlled by remote so making adjustments to temperature seasonally can be handled more easily than crawling under the unit with a flashlight.

The efficiency and lower utility costs of a tankless water heater cannot be denied. Tankless water heaters work by warming water on demand. Most people only use hot water a few times a day, but the traditional tank water heater uses energy all day each day to keep reserves hot. If the tenants are on vacation, a tankless water heater will not use any energy at all, because no hot water is produced. Additionally, most tankless water heaters will come complete with a federal tax rebate of approximately $300. This offsets the higher cost of the unit in return for running a more energy efficient home.

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