Oil Fired Water Tank Variations

Windsor Water Heater

Oil fired hot water heaters give you a cheaper alternative to a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. Though having one installed in your home is a bit pricier than an electric or gas type water heater, the savings you reap over the life of your unit is incomparable. Oil fired heaters recovery rates are one of its best features next to savings. Oil heaters can recover up to 120 gallons of water per hour depending on the model. When compared to traditional water heaters that may average out at about forty gallons per hour, again there is no competition. Your family size will dictate your needed recovery rate. Contact a dealer to help you assess which model will work best for your home.

Oil fired water heaters also come in two firing options: direct and indirect. In a direct type the water is heated directly by a flame under the tank. Indirect units run water from the boiler through heated coils in the tank which in turn heats the water as it passes. Indirect heaters also give you the option of choosing a tankless model. Tankless models come in three varieties: Internal, external, or storage.

An internal tankless heater uses the indirect coil method to heat water with a coil located within the boiler jacket. This type of heater does not have a storage tank. Thus, it needs to keep the boiler water at a very high temperature in order to supply hot water.

An External coil is indirectly fired as well. It however has a separate tank that holds the coil. This component simply attaches to the side of your boiler. Newer types have plates that will interchange between boiler water and the heated household water.

Storage tankless units are the third type of indirect units available. It was launched into the market in order to enhance water heating capability. After flowing through the heated coils, the hot water is run to a storage tank. The heat in the separate tank is then maintained by a recirculating tube that allows the water to go back to the coil for a reheat.

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