What Is An Indirect Water Heater?

What Is An Indirect Water Heater?

An indirect water heater warms water by way of utilizing a home's pre-existing heating system. When a person uses the services of an indirect water heater, they'll benefit from very fast water heating times, as well as the benefit of no need for a separate water heater. Typically, an indirect water heater is both the hot air supply to the home, as well as the way to generate hot water.

Indirect water heaters work by bringing water in through a cold water inlet, heating it within the heat exchanger unit, and then routes it out through the hot water inlet. The heat exchanger heats water the instant it is routed through the cold water inlet and comes in contact with the heated water jacket of the unit.

Since the water is heated using this method, there is no waiting time for the water to become hot first. While not a tankless water heater, an indirect water heater works in essentially the same fashion as a tankless water heater. While there is still the need for a storage tank to hold the hot water, this storage tank is designed to be embedded within the indirect water heater tank normally.

There are many different benefits for someone using an indirect water heater system; not only are they able to marvel at hot water on-demand, there are also many economic advantages for using an indirect water heater. Since there is no need for a water heater appliance, there are no energy costs in operating one.

Furthermore, with the storage tank that an indirect water unit has, there is less need of the furnace being switched on to warm the water and then turned off. Lastly, there are many ways that someone can fuel an indirect water unit which makes them even more convenient.

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