Signs Your Water Heater Needs to be Repaired

South Windsor Water Heater

Hot water is one of the modern luxuries that would be very hard to live without. Most people never stop to consider the amount of wear and tear that a home water heater endures every day to provide a continuous supply of hot water. Each day a family relies on important life support activities like showers, washing laundry, cleaning dishes and other types of household cleaning. With this amount of daily wear and tear, it is not surprising that a water heater needs frequent maintenance and repair. It is important for homeowners to call a licensed plumber to perform regular maintenance and repairs on their water heater. However, there are a few common signs a homeowner can look for that point to a possible need for water heater repair.

One typical concern that homeowners frequently report is an inadequate amount of hot water. There are several reasons why there may not be enough hot water. Other than the heater being too small to accommodate the family’s needs, the dip tube could have loosened. This will cause all of the cold water that comes into the water heater to accumulate at the top of the tank. Another cause could be that the thermostat on the water heater is broken.

It is also common for water heaters to develop leaks. Any appliance that processes a lot of water can eventually begin to leak. A water heater can start to leak because of faulty gaskets, worn out valves or from too much pressure building up inside of the tank. If water spots are visible around the heater, it is advisable to notify a plumber immediately.

Another common complaint is noise. The resident will start to hear strange rumbling or rattling noises coming from the water heater. This most likely indicates that minerals have collected on the bottom of the tank. The resulting layer of sediment from minerals makes air bubbles form when it is heated. The air bubbles produce the rumbling noise that is heard.

It is important for homeowners to watch for these tell-tale signs that the water heater may need repair, especially if the water heater hasn’t been serviced for a long time.

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