How to upkeep your water heater

South Windsor Water Heater

During the course of our hectic days we don’t think about water heaters. Why should we? We take water heaters for granted. They’re quiet and efficient. Whether electric or gas water heaters they are durable and can last up to 10 years. These are three tips to apply to the maintenance of water heaters.

First, the temperature settings should be checked. These settings are verified on the thermostat located behind the electric water heater panel; a knob is attached to the gas valve. Next, recommended temperature settings for a water heater are between 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A lower temperature setting protects the water heater from overheating and reduces energy use.

The second step to maintaining a water heater is to check the pressure and temperature relief valve. This is important in maintaining the efficient operation and safety of the water heater. A temperature and pressure valve should be tested by lifting the lever and then quickly releasing it. With this procedure a gurgling sound will occur as the valve will allow some release of water into the drain tube. If, during this process, the temperature and pressure is unresponsive it is recommended that the valve be replaced.

The third and final step in maintaining a water heater is to be certain all trash and sediments are removed from the water heater bottom. This prevents rust, corrosion, and enhances optimum water heater use. It is recommended there should be a full flush and water heater tank draining. This is an intense operation that demands the water heater be shut off. A mini flush of the water heater tank can also be performed and requires less time and with no water heater shutdown.

Sediments can be removed from the water heater by putting a bucket under the drain valve. The valve must be turned off in a counter-clockwise direction to release a bit of water into the discard materials. The procedure ends with the valve being closed in a clockwise direction thus allowing for water drainage.

These are just three essential tips for properly maintaining a water heater. If your water heater is acting up, call us at (860) 896-3342 and schedule a service call today!