Advantages Of Having a Gas Water Heater

South Windsor Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are an important asset to any home. The quality and type of water heater can greatly impact a homeowner’s budget. Natural gas water heaters provide benefits that range from environmental concerns to lowering utility bills.

The initial installation of a natural gas hot water heater can be expensive but many energy companies offer rebates that can offset this cost. Some rebates can be found at local utility companies or some may be available online. Certain water heaters that use natural gas are tankless which eliminates the demand to heat a stored amount of water and instead heats just the water that is needed. This helps keep the cost of heating lower and prevents the problem of running out of hot water. Even gas water heaters that use tanks tend to be easier on the utility bill since natural gas is usually cheaper than electricity.

Natural gas water heaters also provide other practical perks. A tankless water heater option can save space and since water is being heated as needed, can help keep the water cleaner. Natural gas setups that include tanks also have a faster recovery time than conventional electric water heaters. In times where power is cutoff to a home a natural gas water heater can still provide hot water uninterrupted.

For the eco conscious, using natural gas for a water heater provides more efficiency and a cleaner burn than electric water heaters. They release significantly less harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, and help lower a homeowner’s carbon footprint.

In many ways water heaters using natural gas are preferable to older electric driven water heaters. They are cost effective, cleaner, and more efficient. Any homeowner thinking of replacing their existing water heater should research and consider their options carefully. Finding the right fit for the home can mean a huge difference in a family’s budget.

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