Intro to Water Heaters


Does Your Water Heater Need Maintenance?There is nothing worse than a water heater that isn’t operating correctly. Though homeowners may be tempted to try and repair heaters themselves, the best option is to hire a professional for maintenance and repair services. This is because not all heaters are made alike, and may have different repair requirements pertinent to the type of unit.

Knowing a few of the differences in water heaters may help homeowners understand why it is so important to hire a professional to help them make the right choice when the time comes to replace their unit.
There are two different types of water heaters, tank and tank-less. The most popular types of heaters are tank heaters. Conventional heaters are the models most people have, and these have a tank of hot water that is heated around the clock. They generally run on gas, electricity, oil and propane.

Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect heaters are different from conventional heaters. They are tank heaters, but they use the home’s existing space heating system, thereby heating water. This type of unit is used when using the boiler to heat water in a home. The disadvantage to this unit is boilers are on 365 days a year. This is probably not the preferred method for those living in warmer regions.

Tank and Tank-less Water Heaters

Tank-less heaters come in electric and gas heat. Tank-less heaters are considered extremely efficient. This is because they heat water only as needed, which saves energy. When hot water is turned on water instantly enters the tank-less unit. In a gas unit, the gas ignites to instantly heat the water. It then automatically switches off when hot water is no longer needed. With electric units, electricity instantly comes on to heat water. This type of unit requires much less space than tank units. Tank-less units also operate from propane.

Oil Fired Water Heaters

Oil water heaters, unlike electric and gas units, have an oil burner at the front of the water heater. There is a flame present that enters a different chamber of the heater. By this method water is heated in the tank. Water often heats faster in oil units than electric units. These types of models are energy efficient.Vernon Water Heater Repair

When in need of repair, however, parts are sometimes more expensive, and they may be more expensive to operate. Electric, gas, and oil units may have different repair requirements, and professional plumbers who are skilled and knowledgeable are the best repair option possible.

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