World Water Day Is Important for Many Reasons

world-waterWorld Water day will be celebrated on March 22nd, 2017. This day focuses attention on our planet’s freshwater supply and its importance.

Working to spread knowledge of how humans can best sustainably manage and protect this vital resource while dealing with the surge of urbanization and diverse lifestyle changes, is the main goal of this day. With the increase in urbanization, comes an increase in the amount of water used daily.

The Water Crisis

Our freshwater resources are becoming more and scarcer, from the increased waste and use of water that sustains the North American lifestyle. This depletion is known as the water crisis and can be contributed to several factors, including:

Environmental Crisis: When water is polluted or consumed in large amounts, aquatic ecosystems pay the ultimate price. These ecosystems are delicate, and cannot be regulated once disturbed, causing the extent of pollution to increase steadily.
Increased Water Consumption: The consumption of water for irrigation purposes, agriculture, domestic households, industrial production processes, etc. compile much of water used daily. This increased consumption, along with wasteful agricultural practices, is quickly depleting the planet’s freshwater supply.

Water Conservation

Water is being wasted more now than at any other time in Earth’s history. Scientists and activists are attempting to spread these key methods towards reducing the overall consumption of water and how to protect this natural resource:

  • The overall reduction in water usage and waste, preserving existing resources.
  • Developing safe methods of hazardous waste disposal, such as human and animal waste, and chemicals.
  • Improving the management of water usage by conducting beneficial decisions on how and how much humans use water.

water-dropThe production of factory farm raised meat, and our reliance on water-heavy crops such as corn, wheat, and rice makes up a large percentage of the freshwater used.

The Importance of Water Efficiency at Home

In recent years, plumbing technology has developed to embrace the importance of conserving the freshwater supply on this planet. These water-efficient devices are affordable investments that assist individuals in limiting the amount of water used in daily life:

  • Dual-flush toilets. Equipped with two flushing levers or buttons to flush varying levels of water, dual-flush toilets use up to 67% less water than conventional toilets.
  • Automatic (timed) faucets.
  • Low-flow showerheads (also known as energy-efficient showerheads).
  • Garden hose nozzles.
  • Low-flush toilets.
  • Faucet aerators. Aerators can break up straight water flow into smaller particles while delivering the same effectiveness using less water.

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