Your Water Heater In Winter: Maintenance and Usage Tips for Your Water Heater This Season

Winter Water Heater Maintenance Tip One: Inspect a Home’s Water Heater

Our water heater repair company suggests that Vernon homeowners should inspect their home’s water heater before temperatures drop to a freezing level. Use a bright flashlight to inspect the intake pipes and connectors for corrosion. Look closely at the walls next to the water heater and at its base to see if there are signs of water leakage. Rusty water heaters, connectors or faucets require immediate replacement to avoid a major flood from the tank when it corrodes completely.

Vernon Water Heater Repair Winter Water Heater Usage Tip Two: Wash Full Loads of Laundry

While many of our customers use cool water to wash their clothing, they frequently use hot water to wash bedding and towels. Instead of only washing a few items at a time, fill the clothes washer to its capacity when using hot water. This helps to maintain a water heater’s tank along with saving money on monthly utility bills.

Winter Water Heater Maintenance Tip Three: Drain a Home’s Water Heater Tank

A water heater’s tank collects sediments from water, and it can fill up quickly. If your home’s water heater is not providing enough hot water, then it is possible that the majority of the tank is filled with sediment. Our technicians are able to empty a tank quickly because we have the correct equipment. After removing the sediments from a water heater’s tank, we will inspect the device to ensure it is operating safely and can provide hot water for a family.

Winter Water Heater Usage Tip Four: Set the Thermostat to the Correct Temperature

Experts suggest that the best temperature setting for a water heater’s thermostat is 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius. Avoid changing a water heater’s thermostat frequently because it wastes money on the costs of natural gas or electricity, but it is acceptable to reduce the setting when no one is home for several days.

Winter Water Heater Maintenance Tip Five: Wrap a Water Heater with an Insulating Blanket

If you have noticed that your Vernon home’s utility bills are getting more expensive, then invest in a special water heater insulation blanket. Manufacturers design these in a variety of dimensions to fit different sizes of water heaters, and the devices help to keep the water inside a tank hot for a longer amount of time.

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