Who Wants a Shower Without a Water Heater?

What’s more relaxing than an icy-cold bath or shower? For most of us, almost anything! While we don’t think about our hot water heater much, the majority of us aren’t comfortable going a day without hot water. As a result, a functioning hot water heater is one of the most important systems in your home.

While you might not know the intricacies that go into your plumbing, you should at the very least, know how your water heater works - ensuring you always have that reliable supply of hot water you’ve always loved!

Hot Water is Especially Important for Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroomplumbingHot water heaters enable you to have the warm or hot water that you need in the bathroom in your bathtub, shower or sink. If you have a standard water heater, its tank heats and then stores hot water so it’s ready and waiting for you.

If you have a tankless water heater, it heats it as needed and you basically have hot water on demand. Whatever type of water heater you have, it’s there to ensure that you have adequate hot water for your shower, bath, and basins. A reliable hot water source is an important and much-needed part of most people’s everyday routine.

Do You Need a Water Heater in Your Mobile Home

waterheaterWe all rely heavily on water heaters. Thankfully, you can have one in your home, no matter how big or small it is. Did you know that you can even install a hot water heater in your mobile home?

It will function in the same way as any other water heater, but there are a few things to keep in mind during installation and as you maintain it.

Here are some things to remember if you want to install a hot water heater in your mobile home: the water heater must be HUD-approved; it will likely need to be smaller than an average water heater to fit the space; if it’s gas, it needs to be sealed combustible; the space needs to be well ventilated, and the water heater needs to be well secured to avoid any movement.

Planning to go to Home Depot for Your Water Heater?

nodiyWhether you need to install a water heater in your mobile home or traditional home, we highly recommend that you don’t just go to Home Depot and purchase a water heater for self-installation. To be clear, we don’t have anything against Home Depot (in fact, we shop there some ourselves).

Our concern is around the self-installation. Having a professional install your hot water heater will ensure that it’s done correctly and safely, while keeping you from any water leaks. Further, it will guarantee regular tune-ups and maintenance.

The result is a reliable water heater that will have a longer lifespan due to proper care and service. So, plan to save water heater installation for our professionals at Water Heater Medic. Who has a good story about a time that they ran out of hot water? We’d like to hear some of them, and, if you run out of hot water again, call us right away!