3 Different Homes, 3 Unique Heaters

Vernon Water HeaterBased on where you are living and the size of your home or apartment, you may be wondering what the right type of water heater is best suited for your individual living situation.

Your heater may have broken, or you may want to replace a water heater to better suit your needs, however, many people are completely oblivious when it comes to picking out a water heater. Here are some options that you have when picking out a water heater, which are best suited for a few different types of living situations. 

Large Family Home

A house is far different from an apartment building when it comes to water heaters. Typically, when you are in an apartment building you will have a water heater that runs a handful of the units in the building and most of the time you won't even have any say in what water heater you are using.

A family home is far different in that you can customize a water heater to fit your family’s needs. Although many people may groan at this, picking a water heater really does come down to a mathematical equation. Ideally, you would like to never run out of hot water, which would mean that your family is using more water than the heater can support and you don't want to have too big of a heater, which would heat up additional water than you need and you would be wasting money.

It truly comes down to a calculation, which is best to be worked by with a qualified professional, who can advise you on the correct size based on your family’s average usage, which can be readily tracked.

Small Apartment

As stated previously, you likely will have no say in the water heater you use in an apartment, due to the fact that a building is typically run by the owner of the building or a management company.

These companies typically will have a water heater that supplies the unit of the building; however, occasionally you will find a situation where you have your own water heater. In these instances, you will always want to get a fairly small unit because you will not be using large volumes of hot water.

Eco-Friendly Home

Vernon Water Heater InstallationEveryone is going green these days and if you are on board with this, you may want an eco-friendly water heater. These water heaters are not your typical size or shape and generally are in the form of a small box that looks very similar to your electrical box.

These water heaters are incredibly efficient, save a ton of money, save a ton of space and are great for the environment.

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