Water Heater Cleaning: What are the Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Water Heater?

Vernon Water Heater Installation and RepairBenefit One: Removing Sediment

Our customers should empty their home’s water heater at least once a year to remove the layer of sediment that develops on the bottom of the tank.

Removing this sediment that contains minerals is one of the best ways to have clean water in a home at anytime of the day or night. For homes located in geographic regions with hard water, we recommend performing this task more than once a year.

Benefit Two: Increasing the Amount of Hot Water

When our customers state that they do not have enough hot water in a home, it is probably due to the thick layer of sediment in the bottom of the water heater's tank. Customers who neglect having the tank emptied and cleaned may have only half the amount of hot water that the heater can provide. This is because the sediment takes up the space where water fills the tank before it is heated.

Benefit Three: Fewer Health Problems

The sediments in the tank remain in the hot water as it flows from showerheads and faucets, leading to allergic reactions on our customer’s skin. Instead of getting clean water from the hot water heater, families are receiving contaminated water that can lead to dry and itchy skin. The sediments are also in the water that people drink unless they are using additional filtering systems.

Benefit Four: Reducing Energy Bills

When a water heater is filled with sediment, it has to work harder to heat water, leading to larger utility bills each month. A water heater’s tank may have a limited capacity because a large portion of its interior is full of hard minerals that prevent families from having enough water each day. This means that the water heater’s heating elements turn on more often to heat more water, causing a homeowner to spend more money on their energy bills.

Benefit Five: Extending the Life Span of a Water Heater

Regular water heater maintenance extends the life span of a water heater because it is less likely to rust when the sediments are removed once a year.

While removing the sediment, our plumbers can also inspect other parts of this appliance such as connectors and valves to verify there are no leaks that can lead to water damage on floors. Preventing water leaks can help our customers to avoid secondary damage from mold.

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