Upgrading your water heater


Water HeaterWhen should I upgrade my water heater? The obvious answer is " When it breaks." With almost all households have a warranty on large appliances there is not much reason to repair an old tank that is likely out of date and will break again fairly soon. There are also other times you should look into a new water heater. A water heater is sometimes a covered expense under home warranties for new homes or possibly a homeowner's insurance policy. If it's not, that's okay, it still makes sense to invest in something better since you use hot water every day.

You should upgrade your water heater if you run out of hot water more than once a week. This may be because your old heater is too small or it cannot keep the temperature steady like it used too. If you have tried setting the temperature higher, but the hot water runs out anyway, get a heater 20-30 gallons bigger than the current one. If your 60 gallon tank was acceptable for a family of three, a 80 gallon would be good for a family of four.

You should upgrade your water heater if you want one which is more energy efficient. No one says you must go all out and replace the whole system. But a water tank with better insulation will make it easier to keep your hot water at your preferred setting. It will also shorten the time to reheat water when the supply runs low. Getting an upgrade to a geothermal water heater will save you thousands over the life time of the equipment so strongly consider this environmentally friendly option. If you live in a very sunny area, there are several solar water heaters you may be interested in.

You should upgrade your water heater if you notice signs yours will be failing soon. Signs like leaks, rusting, longer heating cycles or the heater making funny noises. Examine your hot water as it comes out. If it smells very strong, has a mineral taste, looks rusty or cloudy you may have internal parts corroding.

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