Water Heater Replacement: When is the Right Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Water heaters get replaced because they get used quite often. Other reasons why water heaters get replaced range from poor weather, how well the technician installed it, the design of the equipment, and how often the equipment gets maintained. Read on if you're concerned about the water heater in your Vernon home.

Vernon Water Heater RepairTypes of Water Heaters

There is more than one type of water heater. One is an electric water heater, and the other is a gas water heater. When installing an electric water heater, there is no limitation to where it gets placed. However, a gas water heater can only be used if the home already is equipped with a furnace or a stove. There are building codes to which one has to adhere when installing a gas water heater. The majority of the gas heaters get placed outside the home.

Repair Problems Reported

After ten years of owning a water heater, many people report problems. Per repair technicians, if there is leakage around the base of the tank, the leakage could be the result of a damaged thermostat, or the heating equipment could be defective. Sometimes the water is not hot enough, and sometimes the water heater makes loud noises. According to repairmen, the noises and lack of heat result from poor maintenance of the water heater.

When Is the Best Time to Replace a Water Heater?

Water heaters are used quite often all year round. Since water heaters get used frequently, there is a lot of wear and tear; therefore, repair technicians suggest that one changes his or her water heater within eight to twelve years. The timing is not exact. One has to take factors into consideration such as the severity of the weather, how well is the heater designed, and the quality and level of maintenance of the heater. Repairmen further suggest that when replacing the heater, it is best to replace the heater with the same type that was already in place.

What Should One Do Before Replacing a Water Heater?

Before replacing a water heater, look at the nameplate on the side of the unit for helpful information according to repair technicians. The capacity of the tank, installation guide, working pressure, and other pertinent information will get listed on the nameplate. The information will come in handy at the time of replacement.

In conclusion, repairmen suggest that one changes his or her water heater eight to twelve years depending on certain conditions such as poor weather, frequency of use, the quality of design, and how well the heater gets maintained. Call your local Vernon water heater repair company for details!

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