Lifespans of Different Water Heaters

Water HeaterWater heaters are an essential item in homes as well as businesses. Technology has caught up with the standard cylinder sized, six foot tall, tank that took up one quarter of the basement in the typical residential home. Modern homes as well as existing homes are now turning to tankless water heaters. These tankless heaters take up a fraction of the size of the standard tank water heater. Normally wall mounted, the home or business owner will find additional space now freed up in their home or office. The tankless units also can run on electricity, gas and even solar power.

The primary feature between the two units is the life span of the two. A tankless unit will last for at least twenty years compared to the traditional unit which will last only about half the same period, twelve if maintenance is kept up. The traditional units also have a history of needing more frequent repairs.

While maintenance plays a major role in the life span of a water heater, it does pay to research various models currently on the market. While the science behind water heaters has not change substantially for the traditional tank units, manufacturers have improved the overall performance of their product which have required fewer repairs than in previous years.

To make your existing water heater last longer, one should set the temperature dial setting down on the heater so the reading is between 115 and 120 degrees fahrenheit. This setting protects the water heater tank from overheating. This reduces the energy required to heat the water in the tank.

Test the "temperature and pressure relief valve" by lift the lever to the valve up and letting it snap back. One should hear the sound of gurgling water as it drains in to the water tube. If there was no sound then the valve needs to be replaced.

To prevent rust one needs to remove sediment from the tank. Placing a bucket under the drain valve and release a gallon or two into the bucket. This flushes out any sediment.

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