Do You Know How a Tankless Water Heater is Different from a Regular one?

Vernon Tankless Water HeaterIf you are considering replacing your current hot water heater, there are a few thing to consider concerning the two types of systems available. The first system is the traditional hot water heater, or demand-type, the second is the tankless water heater. While both provide different benefits, it is important that you understand the difference in both before making that decision.

While we can install either system for you, it is important you consider these important difference. With a traditional hot water heater, you are heating several dozens of gallons all day and night in a huge metal tank. That water must remain heated all the time so when you need hot water it is ready. The tankless system does not store any water at all. It simply heats the water as you need it, requiring no stored water in the process.

The traditional hot water heater is constantly running to maintain a certain desired temperature. The tankless system simply heats the water as it passes through the system. The high powered heating elements reach a high temperature very quickly, allowing water that passes through it to instantly become heated. By only heating water as you need it, your utility expenses are significantly lower each month. The savings in a year can add up.

The cost for one of our specialists to install a traditional water heater in minimal compared to that of the tankless system. The tankless system is a complicated heating system that needs additional venting installed to be able to process water safely and quickly. The cost of installation can be very costly depending on the unit that you purchase.

When one of our technicians install a traditional water heater we are limited to placing that large tank either in the garage or a room where space is not an issue. With the tankless water heater we can install the system virtually anywhere. The system can be installed in a closet, under a sink, or hanging on a wall in the laundry room. Because no water is stored, the system is extremely compact and can be placed just about anywhere.

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