Water Heaters 101

Are you looking to install a new water heater? Are you confused about the many different kinds of water heaters available? Read on to see the differences between the water heaters available and see which one works best for you.

Vernon Water Heater InstallationStorage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tanks are the most commonly used version of water heaters. A typical storage tank water heater holds from 20 to 100 gallons of water which is enough for one person and a family of six respectively. Most energy efficient varieties of this type come with models that are extra insulated to reduce heat loss. A storage tank water heater heats water in a cylinder that is well insulated and made from steel lined with glass. Some high end heater models come with stainless steel lining that offers protection against high mineral content and acid in water. Anodes that are suspended inside the tank are mainly used to prevent corrosion. The number of anodes as well as the materials that comprise the tank varies from one heater model to another depending on the price and warranty from the manufacturer.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are exclusively made for homes and businesses where space is limited. They are on demand, which means the water heater pilot light ignites only when there is a need for hot water. These water heaters can either be used as a solo hot water source or in combination with other heating systems.

Standard Efficiency Water Heaters

A typical standard efficiency water heater comes with a steel cylinder tank. The tank consists of a 2 inch insulation placed between the outer jacket and the inside lining. The gas burner that supplies heat to the tank is in a combustion chamber where the pilot light ignites the burner. The bottom of the chamber has vents where the supply of air for the combustion takes place. Most standard efficiency water heater models are affordable, reasonably efficient and perform well where the need for hot water is moderate.

Vernon Water Heater MaintenanceHigh Efficiency Water Heaters

These water heaters are 40 percent more efficient and reliable than standard efficiency water heaters. They have better insulation, better heat exchangers and better mechanism to minimize heat loss as well as prevent corrosion. The electronic ignition enables these water heaters to work or heat water on demand.

Indirect Water Heaters

An Indirect water heater uses a boiler to heat water. They are more expensive than traditional storage water heaters but highly efficient and have higher capacity in general. Most indirect water heaters come with a lifetime warranty and require less maintenance compared to other water heater types.

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