What are the Benefits of Hiring a Water Heater Expert

Water heaters are one of the most important but often most overlooked appliances in every home and business. A properly installed water heater can run for years on end.

The typical lifespan of a water heater is 10 to 15 years. But when your water fails, you suddenly realize how important it is to have hot water - for showering, cooking, shaving, cleaning, doing the dishes - and you begin to notice how unpleasant a cold shower can be.

When you realize how important hot water is to your family and lifestyle, you should consider proactive steps to conserve it and extend its useful life, such as regular maintenance. This is key to ensuring that your water heater performs at its best.

This kind of maintenance is best left to an expert plumber, even more so if your water heater is beyond repair and it's time to install a new one. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional to ensure your hot water needs are met.

Professional Service

licensed-water-heater-professionalYou may suspect something is wrong if your water heater starts making strange noises or if your water takes much longer to get hot than it used to.

However, it can take a trained professional to track down and repair the source of these problems. DIY jobs and repairs from an unqualified handyman can cause more damage than they fix.

Service from a licensed plumber ensures that your hot water supply continues working properly.

Calling in an expert makes your life easier. It will take a professional far less time and trouble to handle your water heater issues, and with much better results.

You can rely on the services of a professional, licensed plumber to do the job right, so that your plumbing is working safely and properly, and you don't have to worry about your hot water at all.

Maintenance Tune-Ups

Maintenance operations are a tune-up for your water heater. Fundamental checks and adjustments such as flushing the system or swapping out the anode rod can make a big difference. Proper maintenance lets the heater work more efficiently, giving you better performance and lower utility bills versus a hot water heater that is not working effectively.

Regular maintenance lowers the risk of failure or more expensive repairs later on, as well as extending the usefulness of your unit by reducing rust and mitigating damage or normal wear and tear.

Over time, that can mean extra months or even years of reliable hot water, making maintenance a good investment versus periodically having to purchase and install a suitable new unit.

Installation of a New Unit

Should the time come to install a replacement water heater, hiring a professional and instituting, a maintenance plan begins a relationship of trust that can continue for the many years of life you'll get from an expertly-installed appliance. Some plumbers may offer maintenance discount for water heaters they installed themselves.

Using the same plumber regularly ensures that they are familiar with your unit and home and can maintain and service the unit more quickly and with more attention to detail. Having a professional plumber on hand at regular intervals can also help to detect any other potential plumbing issues that exist.

A water heater is more than a tank with a heating element. The wiring, plumbing, or fuel supplies can be quite complex depending on the nature of occupant requirements, and require special tools or training for proper repair or installation.

Tankless water heaters provide several advantages over traditional tank types:

  • More energy efficient
  • If the tanks are emptied, you have to wait for the water to be heated again.
  • Freshness- water sitting in a tank may result in rust and corrosion.
  • A water heater storage tank takes up more space.

If you're considering an upgrade, it may involve a lot of work where a professional is required.

Safety is First Priority

Water heaters typically operate off a 240-volt power line which can deliver a lethal shock, particularly if you combine that with conditions where they may be flooding, spraying, or constantly leaking water.

It's far better to let an expert handle these issues than to risk great personal injury in trying to repair or install the heater yourself. Tankless, fast-heating water supplies can be just as dangerous when something goes wrong. Even non-electric heaters such as those warmed by natural gas or propane can involve carbon monoxide poison and the leaking of flammable gasses, often in a confined space.

This is a dangerous situation that could do serious damage to your home or family. Ensuring that all your appliances are operating correctly and safely so as not to pose a danger tolower-utility-bills your friends and relatives is the best investment you could make.

A water heater expert knows how to satisfy local building codes and can ensure that your hot water heater is in compliance with regulations.

If you rely on an amateur or unlicensed individual, you are at risk of violating these codes which could lead to fines or other penalties if something goes wrong, such as water damage or electrical problems.

Insurance companies may deny a claim if a new water heater was the cause of damages and it was not installed by a licensed professional.

Protect Your Warranty

In addition to home insurance requirements, purchasing a new water heater will likely involve a warranty that may be voided if you don't have a professional complete the installation.

This requirement may or may not be included in the accessories that came with the appliance. But when something goes wrong, the warranty may be voided if the manufacturer discovers that the unit was installed or repaired by an unlicensed person, and you're left paying all over again for a new water heater and a professional installation.

The biggest regret you may have is calling in an unlicensed and unqualified plumber who didn't resolve your problems. To ensure water heater performance and protect your Vernon home, it's always best to call the Water Heater Medic professionals at (860) 896-3342.