Ways to reduce your water heater's energy consumption


Vernon Water Heater MaintenanceThere is no question that expenses are continually rising in today's modern society. Whether one wants to heat his or her home, or simply take a shower, cash is virtually trickling out of their wallets. And while the growing expenses will surely cause headaches for many, there are certain tricks to reducing the cost of living.

We've all had those miserable mornings brought on to us by a cold shower. And while taking a cold shower to reduce the water heater bill is admirable, it simply isn't always practical. Winter is coming and one will surely want hot water during those months. The water heater makes up a good portion of your energy cost in a year, so it is very important to follow the right procedures in an effort to cut those nasty costs. Here are five ways to reduce your water heater's energy consumption.

Turn down the thermostat on the tank

Most water heaters come with a preset temperature that is simply too high and adds to the risk of scalding. It is said that for every ten degrees one lowers his or her water heater, it will lower the energy bill by roughly five percent. If your water heater is set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, lower it to about 120 degrees. This temperature is more than practical as it will still give you those warm showers you desire, but will also save you plenty of money.

Vernon Water Heater RepairUse less hot water

We're not telling you to stop taking hot showers, but to simply cut impractical use of hot water. Low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators will do wonders in cutting the amount of hot water you use.

Drain the tank

Sediment builds in tanks and they need to be drained annually to help save you energy costs.

Add insulation to those exposed hot-water pipes in your home 

Exposed hot water pipes will mean that your water is going to take a bit longer to heat up. Thankfully, all one has to do is insulate the pipes. Hiring someone to get those hard-to-reach pipes insulated will really help to save on energy costs.

Insulate the tank

Most newer water heaters will already have an insulation component, but those with older models will want to get an insulation blanket. If water heaters are in a cold place in your home, it is efficient to insulate them for added performance and energy savings.

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