Why Should Homeowners Consider a Tankless Water Heater?

Vernon Water HeatingMost homeowners are familiar with the traditional water heater and how it provides treated water throughout the house. These same people are just now discovering what a tankless water heater is and all the benefits that it can provide the homeowner.

If you are shopping around for a new water heater, consider some of these benefits to owning a tankless water heater system

Less Water Consumption

If you are trying to conserve water consumption, the tankless water heater is the perfect solution. In the older traditional water heater, water sits in a large metal tank and is heated twenty-four hours a day so it is hot when needed.

The water can burn off and evaporate in the tank while sitting each day waiting to be used. The tankless system only heats the water the instant it is needed. The heating elements reaches a high temperature and provides heated water instantly. No water is stored and wasted in a tankless system.

Lower Your Energy Bills

When you have a traditional water heater, several dozen gallons of water are constantly being heated each day. The tankless water heater will only heat water on demand. This means if you are not using hot water, the tank is not heating hot water.

This reduction in energy usage can significantly lower your utility bills each month. When you do need hot water, the heating elements treat the water until you are finished. Once you are done using the hot water, the heater turns off and is basically on standby until you need to use it again.

Less Space UsedVernon Water Heating

The traditional water heater utilizes a large tank that holds several dozen gallons of water. This can take up quite a lot of space in the garage or laundry room. The tankless water heater takes up virtually no space at all.

Your local plumbing repair company can install the tankless water heater under a sink, on the wall in a garage or laundry room, or anywhere the unit can access the water main. This means you need less space to house the unit, and can use that valuable space for other accessories in the home.

Consider a new tankless water heater if you are looking to lower your water usage, save on your utility bills, and free up a little space in your. This unit will help you to lessen your carbon footprint and conserve more natural resources.

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