Dependable Water Leak Detection Advice for Homeowners

Do you suspect a water leak in your home? Worried you can’t find the exact location of the problem? Do not fear!

Simply hire a professional plumber and follow these easy steps to detect, repair, and prevent water leaks in the home:

Step 1: Invest in Preventative Maintenance

The same way we go to the dentist for a cleaning twice a year, we must also invest in professional maintenance for our home.leak

Preventative maintenance on your pipes will stop leaks before they can form while saving you money in the long run.

Some highly recommended services include:

- Drain cleaning on an annual basis to clear the drains of any built-up debris and grease. Drain cleaning also promotes a healthy overall plumbing system.

- Pipe inspections to point out any weak spots or minor leaks that should be repaired before they turn into bigger problems.

- If you are constantly dealing with recurring leaks or damage to your pipes, we recommend preventative repiping to start fresh with new, efficient pipes in the home. This is often a large investment but is worth it for many homeowners.

Step 2: Call for Professional Leak Detection if You Suspect a Problem

Water leaks in the home are dangerous and inconvenient.

While you may have a general idea of the location of the leak, in many cases, they are located inside your walls or floor, making it difficult for an inexperienced eye to pinpoint the problem.

Professional plumbing specialists use the following advanced methods to detect leaks and determine the severity of the problem:

Meter Testing: A special tool is used to measure the water pressure inside your pipes. The findings are compared to a healthy pipe to determine if a leak is present.

Dig and Drill: This is a great option for homeowners in a hurry. By digging and drilling into your walls or floor, we can expose the damaged pipe for a quick repair.

Infrared Camera: Using an infrared camera, we take multiple pictures of the pipes to pinpoint the source of the leak and offer the best possible repair options.

Bonus Tip: Why are Water Leaks so Troublesome for Homeowners?

Many homeowners will notice a minor leak in their pipes and not give it a second thought.

They believe these problems are not a big deal and do not always require professional service.

However, water leaks are more than a minor inconvenience.

moldThey have damaging effects that many homeowners would much rather avoid including:

  • Mold growth that causes breathing problems and is extremely difficult to clean.
  • Structural damage and rot to the home as water rushes out of the pipes into areas not meant to get wet.
  • Rising water bills.

These issues are not good for your family, home, and wallet.

Since water leak damage can be easily avoided, it’s important for homeowners to keep their eyes open for any signs of water leaks in the home.