10 Ways to Save Water This Summer

Vernon Water HeatersJust because the weather is getting hotter does not mean that you have to use more water. Most people make the mistake of taking longer showers, washing more clothes and dishes, and wasting more of this precious resource overall in the summer. This results not only in higher water bills, but higher energy bills too, especially if you haven't updated your water heater.

Actually, during the summer is a great time to get into the habit of developing water conservation tips that can reduce your water bill and preserve this natural resource. Here are the top 10 ways to save water this summer.

1. Adjusting the Sprinklers

Take the time to adjust all the sprinklers so they are not watering the house, driveway, and sidewalk, then turn down the minutes of each station by a few minutes to preserve hours each week of watering.

2. Limit Dishwasher Use

By running the dishwasher only when the appliance is completely full, you can conserve at least 400 gallons of water each month this summer.

3. Update Landscaping

Reduce the area of grass that needs watering by placing ground cover and shrubs in key locations on the property. these isolated areas will not need as much water this summer.

4. Cover the Pool

Place covers on the pool or outdoor spa to reduce water evaporation. Check around the plumbing of each for any leaks, and seal up with plumbers glue. Even a small leak can have a huge impact on your water consumption each month.

5. Fill Up That Pitcher

Place a pitcher of water in the refrigerator for when the kids want a cold drink. This will eliminate running the tap and waiting for cold water as precious drops are wasted down the drain.

6. Water in the Morning

To eliminate the water on the grass evaporating in the hot summer sun, be sure to water in the early morning hours before the sun has gotten too high in the sky.

7. Cleaning the Driveway

Rather than use the hose to clean your sidewalk and driveway this summer, simply grab a broom and get sweeping. By using the broom you save up to 80 gallons of water each month from being literally wasted.

8. More Efficient Showers

People tend to take longer and colder showers in the summer, so replace that outdated shower head with an energy efficient low flow model that will save you gallons of water every shower.

9. The Rain Barrel

Place a rain barrel on your property and use that collected water to take care of any plants that need watering. The collected water can be used to take care of outdoor and indoor plants as well.

10. Adjust the Lawnmower

Raise the lawnmower blade to a higher setting. This will allow the root system to hold moisture longer.

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