Water Heater Safety: What Precautions Should You Take To Keep Your Home Safe

Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in every Vernon home, yet they are one of the first to be overlooked in an annual performance check.

Most water heaters are well-made and perform excellently year after year, but there are things a homeowner can do to prevent unforeseen problems. Here is a short water heater inspection checklist homeowners can use to alleviate a lot of worry.

Vernon Water Heating Services1. Check The Inspection Decal

All water heaters should have an installation and inspection sticker mounted visibly on the tank. Take time to read the details on this sticker.

As a rule, water heater checks should be made every 3-5 years depending on the type of unit. A last date of inspection is recorded on the sticker. If 3 or more years has past, it's time to let a professional make a report on the heater's performance.

2. Learn Heater Settings

Water heaters are hard-working machines. When away for an extended time, turn down the heat settings. Learning to regulate a water heater when it is idle can go a long way in preventing overuse of internal heating units, and can help to reduce utility bills.

3. Inspect Gaskets On The Tank

One of the prime indicators of a worn-out water heater tank is a worn gasket. Any place that an “in and out” line is located, rubber or poly seals are also present.

Routinely make sure these gaskets are intact and performing well. A melted, rotted, or loose gasket can cause leaks. Leaks can go unnoticed for significant periods of time and will cause structural damage. Make sure the water heater that is in place always has tight and dry gaskets.

4. Fight Lint To Prevent Fire

Most gas water heaters will have a complex temperature and pilot mechanism located at the unit base. It is very easy to ignore this area when cleaning.

Collected dust and debris however, can present a fire danger if ignored for too long. Keep at least a 24 inch clean area clear of all inflammable debris from the housing unit that covers a gas water heater pilot light.

5. Consider A Water Heater Wall

Many times, water heaters are installed in a free-standing fashion in a closet, or in a basement. Having a secondary wall around the heater is a great way to keep pets and children from tampering with a water heater.

A grate made of plastic lattice, or a temporary brick enclosure is a good investment to make sure a water heater is never in danger.

Water heaters provide an element in modern Vernon homes that most people consider to be automatic. Living without hot water however, can be very stressful. Whether gas, solar, electric, or geothermal, these water heater precautions will help keep every home safe.

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