Benefits of Using Indirect Water Heaters

Vernon Water Heater ServicesWith more people looking for ways to conserve energy each year, one of the bigger wasting appliances of energy in your home is the water heater. The traditional water heater stores dozens of gallons of water that need to be heated day and night so it is hot immediately when needed. The switch to the indirect water heater will help to lessen your utility costs and help preserve the natural resources of the planet.

Why Install a New Indirect Water Heater?

One of the reasons to consider the indirect water heater is the huge savings in your utility bills. The indirect water heater is not going to be running day and not to keep that water heated for your showers and dishwasher. This unique system actually utilizes the heat from your current furnace or boiler to heat the water indirectly. With one less appliance in the home, you will immediately notice a huge reduction in your energy bills, especially during the colder months.

Common Storage Tank Options for Indirect Water Heaters

One reason more people are making the switch to the indirect water heater is the ability to control how much water is actually treated each day. If there are only two people in your household, it makes sense to purchase the smallest water holding tank because you will be using far less heated water than a family of five. The more people in the home and the more appliances that utilize the hot water, the larger water tank you will need to purchase to store the water. The smaller the tank, the less energy is needed to keep that water hot for exactly when it is needed for the shower, dishwasher, sinks, or washing machine.

Benefits of the Indirect Water Heater

The indirect water heater will use the energy from your existing heating source, whether it be a boiler or furnace, to keep the water warm. The furnace is already running during the winter months, except now that heated air that is produced is also helping to keep the water you use each day warm. During the warmer months, your heating system will only run to keep the water hot. This will allow the unit to run more efficiently, rather than going unused for several months out of the year. Vernon Indirect Water Heater

Your local plumbing company can help you to install this tankless water heater system and get you on the road to saving money this year.

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