Water Heater Maintenance: What Should Homeowners Do To Extend The Life Of Their Water Heater?

The number one thing that can extend the life of your Vernon water heater is maintenance. A water heater can be maintained by those that live in the home, but the fact is, many will neglect their water heater for many years until something goes wrong or until it no longer works, then they have to call a plumber to fix it.

It’s understandable that those in the home will not know how to maintain a water heater, so getting a professional plumber out to maintain the unit is necessary. Maintenance should be done once a year, especially before any problems occur with the unit.

Vernon Water Heater Repair ServicesCheck The Pressure Release Valve

This valve is necessary to release excess pressure on the water heater, and the valve can use some maintenance, especially if you want your water heater to last. The valve is located at the top or on the side of the water heater, so lift the lever to see if it releases water. If no water is released, then it’s likely the valve needs replacing. The valve isn’t terribly costly and can be replaced by a licensed plumber.

Consider Adding Another Anode Rod

An anode rod can be made of aluminum or possibly magnesium and can help to prevent corrosion of the water heater’s tank. Adding a second anode rod can greatly help to increase the life of your water heater.

Get An Expansion Tank

It’s possible for the life of your water heater to be doubled with the use of an expansion tank if you have a what's called a closed system. The expansion tank will take excess water that cannot hold inside the water heater, and this in itself can help to prevent problems with water pressure as well as a problem with the water heater itself.

It’s also possible for the water heater to cause great problems in the plumbing system without an expansion tank. Having an expansion tank can be very beneficial for those who want a lengthier life for their water heater and less problems with their plumbing system.

Flush Or Clean The Tank

Although many are getting the newer water heaters that may not require flushing and cleaning, those with an older tank should flush it out once a year. Flushing the tank will prevent buildup, and the tank will be more efficient and last longer if it's cleaned properly when it's necessary.

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