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Triangular tube Phase III Indirect Water HeatersThe great thing about Triangle Tube Phase III indirect water heaters is their ease of use. Most of these systems can be powered by your boiler, while others can be hooked up to solar and ground source heat pumps. The purpose of these units is efficiency - lower energy consumption and a greater, more fluent output of hot water. Plus, they require minimal maintenance, as their stainless steel design is completely corrosion resistant, which will also significantly extends the life of the unit.

Gas and electric powered water heaters can be hard to deal with, because if you fail to schedule regular inspections and cleanings they can run into a number of issues that may warrant the need for early replacement. Additionally, if a gas powered water heater cracks it can actually lead to a highly dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Electric units can short out and in some cases start a fire within your home. A Triangle Tube Phase III indirect water heater is guaranteed to keep your family safe, happy, and comfortable for years to come.

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