What Is An Indirect Water Heater & What Are Its Advantages?

An indirect water heater is a style of water heater that gets its heat indirectly from the boiler of the home. Piping between the heater and the boiler allow water to circulate between the heat exchanger within the water heater and the boiler. The hot water that is circulating encircles the water heater coils and heats the water of the home. This varies from a traditional hot water heater because traditional heaters use direct heat from a heating source within the heater to heat the water. Indirect water heaters come with several different benefits.

Higher Hot Water Storage Available

Running out of hot water can be a major inconvenience with a traditional water heater, but with indirect water heaters, this can be an inconvenience of the past. Indirect water heater tanks can range from as small at 30 gallons to higher than 225 gallons. The water is able to be stored with indirect hot water heaters allowing the water to stay hot with the high volume flow.

Longer Lifespan Than Traditional Hot Water Heaters

Indirect hot water heaters typically have a longer lifespan than traditional water heaters and usually come with a lifetime warranty. Since traditional water heater tanks are subject to abuse from a direct flame to heat the water, these tanks are more likely to wear out over a period of time. With indirect hot water heaters, the tank is not subjected to direct from abuse and is able to stay in good working condition for years to come.

Better Performance Standards and Higher Efficiency
Indirect hot water heaters are directly linked to the boiler of the home. Since the boiler of the home is typically large, it is fairly common for an indirect hot water heater to heat up to four times as much water in the same period of time that a traditional water heater can heat up water. Many boilers can also reach up to 95% efficiency where standard water heaters can only reach approximately 70% efficiency at their best.

Indirect water heaters have been around for many years but have not gained great popularity. Even though the popularity of these water heaters is not great, they come with many incredible benefits. If you install an indirect hot water heater in your home, it is likely to be the last hot water heater you will ever buy.

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