How can tankless water heaters help reduce your monthly bills?

Vernon Tankless Water HeaterTraditional hot water heaters are tank water heaters. They way they work is quite simple; a tank is filled with water, and that tank is heated. Once heated the water is then used for bathing, washing dishes, etc. until the tank runs empty. When that happens the tank is refilled and the heating process starts over again.It's why you run out of hot water after a while.

A tankless water heater, by contrast, is a device that has no tank associated with it. These heaters simply heat the water as it comes in, which provides hot water on demand rather than filling a tank up over and over again. By and large these tankless heaters also save energy, help a house stay green, and in some circumstances can even save users money on their utility bills.

How Do These Heaters Save Money?

Tankless water heaters reduce energy consumption, they use less water, and there's no standby loss (the heat that a tank of water loses when the water is just sitting because there's no demand for hot water). Additionally these devices come with a 20-year lifespan, as opposed to the 10 years that a good, traditional water heater is likely to get. On the other hand though these water heaters have a higher up-front cost, and if they are in constant use with a gas system then they may not provide much in the way of actual, monetary savings.

Every household situation is different, and as such the potential money that one will save will vary depending on water use habits, the age of the water heater being replaced, and what model of tankless water heater that's being installed. The worst-case scenario is that an individual saves no money over the life of the tankless water heater (but that person will still save energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint than would otherwise be the case). In other cases, such as where the existing water heater is grossly inefficient and there is a lot of standby loss, people can see up to a 20 percent savings over their current water heaters. Before installing a tankless heater it's important to look at water use, power consumption, and to crunch the numbers to see just how much money will actually be saved.

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