When Do I Need a Water Installation/Repair?

Water Heater MechanicThe water heater in your home is responsible for keeping the water heated and ready whenever you need it. This means that the heater is working day and night so that water is hot exactly when you need it, wearing on the parts of the unit over time. For this reason, the parts of the water heater break down more frequently than other appliances. Here are some signs that your water heather either needs repair or replacement.

1. Discolored or Smelling Tap Water

A strong odor of sulfur from the water can be an indication that there is trouble in the hot water heater. Particles in the water that cause it to smell can be a build up of sediment inside the heater tank. This repair involves the technician to open up the tank and drain out all the water and deposits trapped in the tank. Once the tank has been flushed clean, this usually will eliminate the smell and colored water, restoring your system back to normal.

2. Water Taking Too Long to Heat

If you are noticing that the water is taking longer to heat up each time you use it, the problem can be with the heating elements inside the tank. This little heating elements are responsible for controlling the temperature of the water, and can often be replaced if they are the only cause of the issue. The water heater technician will better be able to determine if it is worth making that repair or replacing the entire water heater. New energy efficient water heaters are designed to produce the same amount of hot water at a fraction of the cost, saving you money each year in utility costs.

Vernon Tankless Water Heater3. Noisy Water Heater

When the water heater is operating normally, it will make very few sounds other than the system turning on and off. When you begin to hear noises inside the tank that sound like pebbles being tossed around inside a metal can, this is an indication that something is seriously wrong. If it is just a cases of excessive sediment floating around inside the tank, the technician can many times drain the contaminants out. It many cases it winds up being a part of the system that has broken off and is banging around inside the take. In this case, it is recommended a new tank be installed.

A professional hot water heater specialist can identify trouble with a visual inspection, and either repair the damaged part of replace the entire system.

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