Water Heating Tips

Vernon Water HeatingThe amount of hot water you use in your home can affect many things. Using a large amount of hot water can increase your utility bills especially if your water heater is outdated.

You could also be overtaxing your hot water heater and reducing the lifespan. You can take a few different steps to save hot water in your home.

Do Only Full Loads of Dishes and Clothes

Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can use much more hot water than necessary if you are running the machines several times a day. A simple way to start saving hot water is to run these types of appliances only when you have a full load of dishes or clothes. This will save hot water every day. Another tip is to wash common household items like towels in cold water instead of choosing hot water cycles.

Call for Hot Water Heater Maintenance and Repairs Regularly

It is important that you call us for hot water heater maintenance and repairs on a regular basis. Your hot water heater could have leaks that are resulting in gallons of lost water every day or week. The heater might not be working correctly or could need to be flushed.

We can maintain and repair your hot water heater so that it works efficiently. We can also repair problems like leaks or upgrade your unit to something more modern so you have lower power bills.

Get Fixtures with Aerators

Something that can help to save hot water is getting fixtures with aerators. The aerators can be installed separately or as part of a completely new fixture. These small devices add extra oxygen to the water. This preserves the water pressure you want while reducing the flow of hot water. Some aerators can reduce your hot water use significantly every year.

Turn Off the Hot Water during Everyday TaskVernon Water Heater Repair

A final tip is to turn off or turn down the hot water taps during everyday tasks. This means you turn off the water when brushing your teeth instead of leaving the faucet running. If you are in the shower, then turn the water down or off while shampooing your hair.

You could also soak dishes in warm water instead of running a constant stream of hot water. Turning off the faucets during these times can really add up and reduce you hot water using by a large amount annually.

Saving hot water can save you energy and money. If you've tried all this and are still running short, call Water Heater Medic at (860) 896-3342 for a professional consultation and repairs in the Vernon area!