Emergency Water Leaks 

Vernon Water HeatingWater damage is a common problem for home and business owners. Often times, water damage occurs after a natural disaster.
However, problems can occur from a small water leak.
It only takes a few hours for a water leak to flood a small room.
The leak can worsen if an inexperienced person attempts to repair the damage.

What kinds of leaks can occur in the average home or business?


Water leaks are common problems in homes and businesses. Most water leaks are caused by a broken water heater, broken toilet or clogged pipes. Fortunately, a water leak can be repaired before extensive damage is done to a home or business. Since there can be several probable causes for a water leak, it is best to contact a professional to ensure the problem is resolved quickly.

What are the procedures for dealing with a water leak?

When you hire a professional contractor, the plumber will take steps to determine what is causing the leak. If the leak is from a toilet, or any other fixture that drips water, the plumber will shut off the main valve to the water supply. Next, the plumber will turn off the water heater. Serious injuries can occur if the water heater is left on during the repair.

What can be done to prevent common water leaks?

Water Heater Medic
Water leaks can be prevented by ensuring sinks and toilets do not have any cracks. Pipes should also be kept clean to prevent clogging. Small cracks can be repaired with sealant. Larger cracks may need to be repaired by a professional contractor. Regularly check crawlspaces for wet spots. When a water detection system is in use, valves can be shut off before extensive damage occurs. The water detection system should only be installed by a professional contractor.In the end, seeking immediate assistance from a professional is the best way to prevent extensive damage. If the problem is ignored, the leak could eventually damage the structure of the building. Problems with the structure and foundation are always more expensive to repair.

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