Top 3 Water Heater Technologies for a More High Tech Home

Vernon Water HeatersHome improvements that promote energy efficiency
are well worth the investment. You can select a hot water heater that cuts your utility bill and energy costs. The three top water heater technologies for 2015 include the tankless water heater, the hybrid electric heat pump, and the condensing hot gas water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater is energy efficient and saves quite a bit of storage space. It is not necessary to keep 40 to 50 gallons of heated water at all times. Those numbers wreak havoc on your utility bill and are not energy efficient. The tankless water heater is a compact unit that heats water as you need it.

A tankless heater saves about 30 to 50% in energy costs when compared to the conventional gas water heater. It does take water about 3 to 8 seconds to reach the desired temperature. The tankless water heater does require some yearly maintenance to eliminate scale and build up. However, homeowners save so much in energy costs that the maintenance does not overshadow the benefits.

Hybrid Heat Pump Electric Water Heater

This model of water heater draws heat from the surrounding air. This heat is then pushed through the storage pump. This unit does have traditional heating coils, but these heating coils are only utilized when there is not sufficient heat from the heating pump.

If you live in a warm climate this could be a great option. Storing this water heater in your garage or attic yields stronger results. This electric water heater has the lowest operating cost and homeowners can apply for tax incentives. However the heater itself has an expensive sticker price. The filter also needs to be changed to ensure that this hybrid unit operates as efficiently as possible.Vernon Water Heater Repair

Condensing Gas Water Heater

Instead of blowing exhaust through a flue,this water heater conserves energy by blowing gas through a coil at the bottom of the fan. When the gas reaches the fan it can be used to heat water to the proper temperature. This is the most energy efficient type of of gas water heater available. The first hour recovery rate ensures that it is highly unlikely that you will ever run out of hot water. This unit is expensive and requires proper ventilation and a gas line.

These three units are designed to ensure that your home utilizes the latest technology to operate with energy efficiency.

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