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Lochinvar Indirect Water Heaters
Lochinvar has manufactured 12 different models of Squire indirect water heaters. If you have a small or large home, multiple family members or only a few, there is in indirect water heater that will suit your needs. Depending on your daily demand for hot water you can choose a system with a capacity of 30 gallons all the way up to 119. These laser cut, stainless steel units have a sleek and modern look, and take up far less space than traditional water heaters. Whether operating off solar power or your boiler, they will provide you with an efficient distribution of hot water, without the massive energy bills that come from other units.

You will not have to worry about dents or corrosion with a Squire water heater, and they are also virtually maintenance free. At Water Heater Medic we know quality when we see it and give our seal of approval for the Lochinvar name and their superb Squire systems. Talk to us today about installing one of these fantastic units in your home and get ready to reap the many benefits it has to offer.

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