How Often Will I Need Professional Services For My Water Heater?


Water HeatingWater heaters don’t seem so important, until you have to take a cold shower. Regular checks and maintenance can go a long way toward limiting the number of repairs and extending the life of the unit. Manufacturers may recommend a maintenance schedule based on the specific features of their product. However, a yearly check of a hot water heater can help prevent avoid any safety issues, reduce the chance of a loss of hot water, increase energy efficiency, and increase the lifespan of the water heater. Service of a professional may also be called for seasonally, if there have been renovations to the home, or if the homeowner notices any issues with the hot water supply.

Lifespan of a Hot Water Heater

Most units last about 8 to 10 years, if it is properly maintained. Factors such as the electrical supply, the water supply, and the quality of the unit certainly influence the life of the unit. Hot water heaters should be clean, have good wiring, and lack mineral deposits. A fully functioning hot water heater can reduce utility costs and provide consistently hot water.

Safety Issues

Water HeaterAlthough some homeowners attempt to work on a hot water heater themselves there are several reasons to hire a professional. Safety is the most important. Because hot water heater combine two forces, water and electricity, it is important to ensure that the power supply is disconnected. There are many electrical components that can be checked by a professional including the anode rod, the dip tube, elements, and the thermostat. Units differ in the location and servicing of these components.

Regular maintenance of the T&P valve is another important safety measure. The temperature and pressure valve insures that your hot water heater is functioning safely. This valve should be tested and replaced if necessary to avoid damage to the unit or even an explosion if the pressure reaches a high level.

Other Maintenance

In addition, a professional can determine if the hot water heater needs to be flushed to remove sediments. Removal of mineral deposits could extend the life of the element. Checking for leaks and fixing any pipe damage is another element of maintenance that is best done by an experienced service person.

Electric water heaters should be checked for proper insulation to maintain the temperature of the water and keep energy costs in check. In an electric unit it is also a good idea to have the element inspected and replaced as needed to prevent a sudden loss of hot water. A gas water heater must be checked for proper venting. Damage or obstructions to the system can cause corrosion and fires. A professional can also check the pilot light on a gas water heater to ensure that is properly adjusted for maximum energy efficiency.

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