Common Causes of a Water Heater Leak

Water heaters are exceptional devices that have the ability to make our lives so much more comfortable. When a problem arises, we begin to rehash and become more grateful for the ability to have such a great invention in our home. One of the things that many water heater owners experience are leaks. When a leak comes about, it's usually time to access the problem so that the issue can be solved.

There are many different causes for a leaky water heater. And the only way to fix the problem is to understand the cause.

Vernon Water Heater InstallationPressure is Too Much

One common reason for a water heater leak is built up pressure. When the tank builds up too much pressure it will start to leak. To reduce the pressure, the tank will force the water out of the bottom area. It's important to know that, If the temperature on your hot water heater is too high, it will also cause a small leak.

Excess water pressure

If the drain valve becomes loose for any reason, then it will slowly begin to leak water. Fortunately you can stop a drain valve leak by tightening the valve itself. Make sure that you don't force it to tighten but make sure that it is snug.

End of life span

Another most common reason for a leaking water heater is it's age. Water heaters are made to last for several years, but as they approach the end of their life cycle, the corrosion and rust begins to take a toll on it's overall functionality. Leaking water is a sure sign that either you have some internal issues going on, or the life span is coming to an end.


Condensation is something that a water heater tends to go through when cold water first enters the inside of the tank. Once it becomes hot water, it creates condensation. This is normal and many people mistake it for a leaking tank. Of course, it's important that you take the time to wipe down the condensation so that it doesn't lead to other issues.

Knowing why your water heater is leaking is crucial to understanding the overall problem. The more you know, the quicker you can fix the issue.

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