Benefits of having a tankless water heater

South Windsor Tankless Water Heater

Many people are deciding to go tankless with their water heater. Now the question is, why? Well, there are many benefits. First and foremost, the energy cost is reduced. Typical tank-type water heaters lose thermal heat when the storage tank loses radiant heat. With a tankless water heater, thermal heat is never lost. Being that there is no storage tank, hot water is given off only when needed. That can cut your cost of energy up to 50%. Now with that in mind, tankless heaters also never run out of hot water. It is heated instantly. That is a great benefit since water heaters with storage tanks run out of hot water when the supply is all used up. That means after a couple hot showers, tankless water heaters can still produce hot water and you will not need to wait for the water to get hot.

Another great benefit is that tankless water heaters hard water minerals are handled much better then they would be in a storage tank. Because no water is actually stored like they are in a storage tank, going tankless is easier to maintain and you are less likely to have a leak or a rupture. Along with that is a longer lifespan of the water heater. Tankless water heaters can last more than 20 years while storage tank water heaters can last between 6-12! And nothing is more unappealing when concealing a traditional water heater with the size and bulkiness. With a tankless heater, the size is of a suitcase! That gives you more space in the location you have your water heater installed.

Safety wise, the temperature can be set to a more reasonable temperature that is closer to the actual hottest temperature you believe you will need. This can reduce scalding temperatures that you can receive from storage tank heaters which have the lowest temperature around 130 degrees. So children and adults a like don't have to be as cautious when it comes to burning their hands in hot water.

So, there are many benefits with going tankless all around! Looking to get a new tankless water heater for your South Windsor home? Call Water Heater Medic at (860) 896-3342 and get started today!