When Water Heaters Become Dangerous: 3 Dangers of Water Heating You Should Be Aware Of Introduction

Vernon Water HeatingUnchecked Water Heaters can be hazardous if they are unchecked for an extended period of time. There are several dangers that can be caused by water heaters. However, three of these dangers are very common and highly possible.

Explosion hazard

One of the major danger is a water heater exploding into flames. Explosion can be caused by a number of defects including rise in temperature and gas leaks. This normally happens due to lack of maintenance and care. This is because water heaters do not demand for a lot of attention since the average lifespan of a simple water heater is about 10 years.

It is important to understand that the conversion of water to steam increases the volume of water rapidly. Therefore, since the heated water is enclosed in a sealed tank, it cannot boil but it become very hot. As the pressure rises, the water turns instantly into vapour/steam which causes the tank to rapture and explode with a bang.

In case a water heater explodes due to pressure imbalance, hot water can be spreader all over the house destroying furniture and drywalls around it. This is caused by a faulty water heater burner fails to shut off. The continued heating builds up pressure as the temperatures rises and eventually causing the tank to explode.

Fuel Hazard

When the section bringing in the fuel to heat the tank is also fractured, there is an imminent risk. In case of a gas water heater, a fractured pipe that supplies the tank with the fuel can be very dangerous. This may cause gas leaks and the volatility and flammability of LPG’s is a danger that cannot be underestimated.

Water Shell Hazard

Another great danger is the condition of the water heater shell. Many people confuse the water heater shell for the main tank. However, the outer covering of your water tank is a shell that covers the tank inside. Sometime the outer shell might look alright but the inner tank could be in bad shape. This may cause unnoticed leakages and eventually cause harm or weaken the tank entirely.

Vernon Water Heater Repair ServicesConclusion

To avoid such unpredictable hazards, it is very important that that regular check is given to the water heaters. Some of the ensuing hazards are products of a slow process that has been happening over time. Regular maintains ensures that such process are stopped before they progress into a full scale hazardous situations.

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