Is your water heater ready for the winter?

Vernon Water HeaterThere are many times that homeowner's water heaters are not ready for the winter. Many times, they neglect to realize that it is very important for a water heater to be properly maintained in order to work efficiently. It is for this reason that there are trained professionals that can perform this maintenance quickly and effectively. This maintenance will ensure that they will have proper operation of their water heater in order to provide their household with all of the hot water that they need. There are three major things that should be done in order to ensure this.


It is important that a water heater be properly insulated. Poor insulation does not only rob homeowners of money in the winter, but it also robs them of the hottest water that they could, otherwise, have in their home. The insulation makes sure that the heating elements do not have to be used as often. This typically translates into lower operating costs. It can also translate to the heating elements inside of the water heater lasting longer since they are not being used as frequently.

Tune Up

A tune up is another way to make sure that a home's water heater is ready for the winter. Many people use hot water more frequently in the winter as a way to warm up from the biting cold outside. The amount of showers and baths that a household may take in a week may increase. Having a tune up performed on the unit will ensure that it is working optimally for the household. Sometimes, heating elements need to be cleaned, or replaced. This is not something that the homeowner should attempt. There is a fear of electrical shock or fire if these pieces of equipment are serviced incorrectly. That is why it is a good idea for a trained professional to come in and do it so that a person can have peace of mind in knowing that the job was done right and safely.

Thermostat Temperature

Having a professional properly adjust the thermostat temperature in a water heater is also another way to make sure that a home's water heater is ready for the winter. Depending on where the water heater is stored, air temperature can be up to 30 degrees cooler than in the rest of the house. This may lead to cooler water being distributed in the home. Having the heater's thermostat temperature raised in the winter will help to ensure that a family will have hot water all winter long.

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